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What is the Internet of Things(Iot)?

The Internet of Things abbreviated as IoT refers to the objects, living or non-living, embedded with sensors and machine learning software. Owing to the sensors that are fitted in these objects, the Internet of Things can sense the environment around them and accordingly take decisions and communicate. Well, this might appear to be the plot of some sci-fi movie, but the reality is that the Internet of things (Iot) is already there among us and very easily accessible with the Spikebot home automation system.

How does the Internet of Things (Io T) automate your home?

You are a binge TV series watcher and can go on watching TV for hours together without break, but then you have your office to attend the next day and need to sleep! Well, home automation can help you here. With a smart home automation system, you can schedule the timing of your TV to be turned off at a particular time so that you don’t go on and on. You can set the timer of your TV, say at 10 pm, and can discipline yourself.

Let’s take another scenario, after a hectic week at work, it’s your day off and you are lying on the bed, playing your favourite game on your mobile phone. The air conditioner is on and the lights dim…however, after some time it has gotten too cold and you want to turn off the air conditioner. The remote of the AC is lying on that table far away from you and you feel too lazy to pick it up! Well, with a smart home automation system in place, you can turn off the AC with just a tap on your smartphone. Isn’t that fantastic? Not just your AC, you can connect all your devices at home with your smartphone and can operate them with your smartphone.

Hence the internet of things enables you to take control of your home, life, and devices all at the same time!

How does the Internet of things make your home smarter?

The Internet of Things (Io T) enables you to take control of all your devices and appliances at home with just a tap on your smartphone. Right from fans and air conditioners to TVs and doors, you can automate all appliances and objects at home and make them smarter than ever before!

So, what are you waiting for? Connect with our home automation expert and get started with smart home automation now!