Home Automation System

  • Convert Normal Home, Office, Hotel, Factory to Smart Home
  • Convent Normal Switches, Fan, Lights, AC, etc to Smart Device.
  • Convert Pumps, Geyser, Heavy Load Device to Smart Device
  • Smart App for Home, Office, Hotels, Factory.
  • Smart Moods for Multi Devices in one Tap!
  • Schedule / Timer to turn on and off devices at time, save electricity
  • Door Security to notify for unwanted entry
  • Convert any DVR/NVR/IP Cam to Smart Camera and enhance your security.
  • Get LPG Gas / Smoke/ Fire Sensor/ Water alerts
  • Access your Smart Door Locks from the app.
  • Draw your Curtains or blinds via app.
  • spikebot provides you with the 3c's
    your home & office at your fingertips

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    Switches Sensor
    Accessible from any location through Wi-Fi and mobile data

    Features Switch Sensor Temperature Curtain AC Geyser Camera Gas Sensor Door Sensor Switch Sensor
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    Integration of Best Home Automation Experience

    Integration of Best Home Automation Experience

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