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Wondering how your smart home devices operate with a single click on your smartphone? Spikebot Gateway helps you to make your home a smart home

Do you wish to turn your living room or bedroom into a smart room? All you need is to install Spikebot 5F home automation device in your home and control …

Operate the Heavy Load electronic appliances using Spikebot Smartphone App. Also schedule the operation of the periodically operated appliances like the pressure pumps.

Install Spikebot 5 device in your homes to make the operation of the electrical appliances smart. Spikebot 5 device allows you to operate 5 electrical appliances like lights, bulb, charger, …

Get instant gas or smoke detection alert on your smartphone by installing Spikebot Gas/Smoke Sensor in the kitchen, living room, garden, washroom or anywhere in the house/office.

Want to know when the door of your house/ room was opened or closed? All you need is Spikebot Door sensor that will provide you with the logs of the …

Wondering how you can operate your AC, TV or DTH using your mobile from anywhere? All you need is the Spikebot IR blaster and the SpikBot smartphone app.

Wish to get instant temperature alerts on your smartphone, when your house room or office cabin temperature or humidity falls or rises beyond a certain level?

Wish to get water detection alert notifications on your smartphone at the times of water logging or water leakage in your washrooms or your basements? All you need is to …

Open and Close Doors of your house or office with Spikebot smartphone app. Go smart with Keyless entry!

No matter how far all your smart devices are from the Gateway Spikebot Repeater is designed to enhance the connectivity experience of smart home products by extending its range.

Control the opening and closing of the curtains with a single click on your smartphone app with Spikebot Curtain device.

Turn ON or OFF the moods that you had created in your Spikebot App by feeding your favourite settings. Make it easy for you as well as your family members …

Spikebot Radar ensures compatibility with devices that have Bluetooth transmission facilities like SmartWatch, iPads, Smartphones and tablets.

Introduce smart bulbs in your house or office to help it easily operate on your Spikebot app.

Alexa, Google Home & Echo dot can be easily configured with Spikebot Smart Automation System. Just say, Hey! Alexa, turn on Evening Mood. or Hey! Google, turn on Night Mood.

Make your DVR/NVR/ IP camera system Smart by just linking them to Spikebot App get a live stream of cameras. Our integration comes with human detection features based on AI.