Top 3 Smart Door Sensors for Your Smart Home Automation System

Top 3 Smart Door Sensors for Your Smart Home Automation System

Top 3 Smart Door Sensors for Your Smart Home Automation System

A smart home automation system is a broader concept that welcomes new technology and innovations for managing your smart home and offices. With today’s blog, we are going to discuss the top three manufacturing brands producing home automation devices like smart door sensors and smart window sensors.

What are Smart Door Sensors?

A smart door or smart window sensor aids with round the clock monitoring of your smart house by sending you notifications on your smartphone when each time the door or window is opened and closed. These smart door and window sensors can be placed anywhere in the house or office, including the bedroom, the main entrance of your home, terrace entry, living room windows, etc.

These home automation devices help to enhance the security of your house or office by sending instant door or window open/close alerts and notifications. Let us discuss the top 3 smart door sensors for your smart home automation system in 2020.

Top 3 Smart Door & Smart Window Sensors

When you type best smart home door sensors or smart home sensors in leading eCommerce websites or apps, you will get results in millions. Many home automation companies produce these sensors for helping smart homeowners with the enhanced security of their home. But, with this blog – we shall discuss the top 3 brands that produce the best smart door sensors.

Here we go!

1.   Google Nest H1500ES

Google Nest produces many home automation devices, including the smart door sensors and smart window sensors. It is indeed the best brand to trust while switching your home or office into a smarter version.

Nest H1500ES Starter Kit Overview

The starter kit Google Nest H1500ES consists of various sensors and gadgets for improvising the security of your smart home and smart office. It is indeed a complete smart home automation kit from a security point of view. The box consists of nest tags, nest detect, open and close magnets, flat mounting brackets, corner mounting brackets and screws, adhesive strips, power adapter with bracket and screws and 2m power cable.

These magnets can be placed anywhere on the door, wall or window for enhancing the security of your smart home or office. The entire security system is connected with Wi-Fi, and the same is connected to your smartphone for receiving alerts and notifications. In the case of Wi-Fi failure, the gadget also offers a cellular subscription plan for sending alerts.

Nest H1500ES Features

  • The device is supported with three different security levels, i.e. home and guarding, away and guarding and alarm off.
  • With an alarm ring, you get an option to dial the police or the emergency contact.
  • The detect device is included with two batteries.
  • The product has a two-year warranty period.
  • Utilising the dog pass feature helps you disable the dog sensors off.
  • Assists with tamper detection.
  • Supports for 10 tag devices, including family members and pets.


Google Nest is one of the best home automation companies serving smart homeowners with great products. Nest H1500ES smart door sensor is indeed the best buy for safeguarding your home and offices from burglars.

2.   SpikeBot Door Sensor

SpikeBot products are an asset to any smart home automation system. It has got all the different types of home automation devices to make your smart home smarter and improvised. Apart from the smart home door and window sensors, the brand also helps with smart home door lock sensors.

SpikeBot Door Sensor Video


SpikeBot Door Sensor Features

  • Timely alerts and logs of door open and close activities on your smartphone
  • The SpikeBot door sensor can be installed on the doors of the smart home by inserting a 3V coin cell.
  • Helps to keep the activities of your home noticed, especially when you have elders or kids at home.
  • You can set the time of the sensor to work, especially when you are away. Turn on the timer with away mode for alerts and notifications on the opening and closing of the sensor installed door.
  • The response time is less than 5 seconds for the sensor to send a notification on your smartphone.


SpikeBot is one of the emerging home automation companies headquartered in Ahmedabad, India. The brand has the best smart home a smart office solution to keep your home safe and secure. You must also checkout it is smart smoke and smart water detector sensor if you are planning to upgrade your home’s security system.

3.   TP-Link CS100 Smart Open Closed Sensor

TP-Link is a leading electronics brand dealing into the best Wi-Fi operated devices, including the smart door sensors. The CS100 smart open closed sensor device needs to be integrated with the TP-Link SR20 router for making it work. Hence, it would be best if you have the mentioned router for helping the smart door and window sensors to function.

TP-Link CS100 Features

  • The device is infused with Zigbee protocol connectivity
  • Requires TP-Link SR20 router
  • Automation smart actions can be integrated with door sensors. For an, e.g. smart bulbs connectivity can be integrated with the opening and closing of the door.
  • Remote notifications on the opening and closing of doors and windows on your smartphone.
  • The product is accompanied with two years warranty period.


TP-Link CS100 is an excellent smart door sensor for your smart home automation system. But the product is not of use unless you have a TP-Link SR20 router. Hence, you need to have the devices both for the successful functioning of the sensor.

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Summing Up

Smart door and smart window sensors are highly beneficial to families who have kids and elders at home. The smart door sensors are also helpful to monitor the movements when you are away or on holiday. These home automation devices are easy to purchase online. Also, SpikeBot smart door sensor is a 100% made in India product.

Keep your smart home automation system upgrade with new and latest devices from the home automation companies like SpikeBot, Google Nest, Samsung, TP-Link and Honeywell.