SpikeBot Recommends Top 3 Smart Locks for Smart Home Security

SpikeBot Recommends Top 3 Smart Locks for Smart Home Security

SpikeBot Recommends Top 3 Smart Locks for Smart Home Security

Smart Home Automation System and Smart Office Solutions take us to the journey of accepting the digitalization for both the luxury and security of our premises. The generation x never imagined that home and offices could be put on surveillance with the help of digital cameras or smart home security.  The current era point towards using the best smart home devices, including the best smart home locks.

Why does your smart home or office require smart security solutions?

We live in India, the country where every 3 minutes, an official robbery case is registered. You can, therefore, imagine the unofficial burglary or break-in rates. For your smart home or smart office solutions, a smart door lock becomes essentiality. It is never late to reconsider the safety levels of our homes and offices. The sooner, the better we can enhance safety by integrating digital or smart security locks.

Now, the biggest question is researching on the best smart locks for your smart home automation system. Isn’t it? Well, we make it easy for you by recommending the top 3 smart locks for your smart home security.

What is Smart Door Lock?

A smart door lock is an upgrade to the traditional lock. Smart locks are electromechanical locks that are designed to perform both locking and unlocking operations via internet connection. It is, therefore, a part of smart home solutions.

Best Smart Home Devices Recommendation: Top 3 Smart Locks

Many brands manufacture and supply smart locks or digital locks for both homes and offices. SpikeBot Home Automation System in Ahmedabad, India recommends the top 3 smart locks after a detailed analysis of customer experiences and technical specifications.

1.   Yale Smart Locks for Keyless Entry

Since 1840, Yale is an international manufacturer of smart door locks and smart safes. The brand has different categories of smart locks designed as per the requirement of the smart home or smart office owner. The primary goal behind the invention of smart lock was and is ‘improving the lives’ of people.

Yale smart locks are categorized differently as per the exclusiveness. With Yale, you have the option to choose between the following types of smart locks for your smart home automation system.

  • Mortise Locks
  • Rim Locks
  • Deadbolt Locks
  • Vertibolt Locks

Yale Assure Lock Smart Home Automation System Features:

  • Smart lock for your smart home and smart office solutions with keyless entry
  • Works with Alexa after successful voice control addition.
  • Lock and unlock the door from anywhere in the world with compatible smart home application or hub.
  • For assurance and peace of mind, the lock is accompanied with two manual keys
  • Unique code entry, double-tap entry.
  • Easy installation and replacement with previous deadbolt locks.
  • Super quiet entry
  • Smart lock keypad with backlight for night vision

Frequently Asked Question:

Can Alexa Connect with Yale Smart Locks?



The Yale smart lock has various features to offer as per the requirement of the smart homeowner. The best part is its sturdy quality and high-security intelligence. SpikeBot recommends buying Yale smart locks as we consider it as one of the best smart home devices in 2020.

2.   Godrej Smart Biometric Advantis Door Lock

Godrej is one of the most trusted Indian brands for manufacturing home security devices, including smart biometric locks. The Godrej Advantis range is a high-tech security lock that sets reality between science and science fiction.

Godrej Smart Biometric Advantis Door Lock Features:

  • 360 fingerprint registration for ease to use
  • Additional mechanical key for an emergency
  • Low battery indication
  • Password access mode
  • Multi-touch function
  • Privacy function
  • Compatibility with remote and video door phone
  • Break-in damage alarm
  • Fire sensor for automatic unlocking of the door during an emergency

Frequently Asked Question:

Is it Alexa Voice Command Compatible device?



If you are living a smart home, you can consider the exclusive features of home security with Godrej’s smart biometric Advantis door lock. But on the other hand, the lock is not accessible via a smart home application or Alexa. This can be a significant turnoff for smart home automation system owners in India.

3.   Kwikset 275 Deadbolt Touchscreen Smart Lock

Kwikset is the smart home door lock manufacturing company in the USA that is owned by Spectrum Brands Hardware and Home Improvement Group. The brand manufacturers different types of door locks with enhanced security and innovation.

Kwikset 275 Contemporary Touchscreen Deadbolt Features:

  • Keyless touchscreen with a motorized deadbolt for one-touch locking
  • 30 customizable user codes for family and friends
  • Automatic door looking after a particular set of timings
  • Keypad disability during vacation
  • Easy installation and versatile fitting structure

Frequently Asked Question:

Is it Alexa Voice Command Compatible device?



The Kwikset smart door locks are rated high in terms of security and lock quality. But as it is not compatible for use with Alexa voice control and smart home application, we consider it as a drawback for those living in the smart home and smart office solutions.

SpikeBot Smart Door Sensor: Smart Home Automation System 

SpikeBot smart door sensor is one of the best smart home devices manufactured by us for enhancing the security of smart home and offices. The sensor reports the logs and details of the door and window opening to your smartphone. One can access the door locking and unlocking logs from anywhere in the world. Moreover, it has an exclusive battery life for up to 6 months. For more technical specifications of the smart door sensor, click here.

Summing Up

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Security of your home and office is remarkably essential. Especially during the times when you are travelling or are having kids/elders at home, the safety of your premises become significant. However, if you are switching your window and door locks to smart or digital locks, it is a wise decision. For more smart home automation system information or products/sensors, you can log on to our official website.