Top 10 Benefits of a Smart Door Sensor for Your Home and Office

Top 10 Benefits of a Smart Door Sensor for Your Home and Office

Top 10 Benefits of a Smart Door Sensor for Your Home and Office

Do you still juggle managing a spare key for opening your house? Yes, most of us are still juggling with a spare key for locking and unlocking the house. But why to still live and adapt a traditional door locking system when you have a smart door lock system available?

Before I shift to the top ten benefits of investing in a smart door sensor, let me brief a bit about the smart or wireless door sensor and how it works!

What is a Smart Door Sensor?

A smart door sensor is a wireless door sensor and is a fully battery-operated device. It is fixed with the door or window for allowing it to operate with the digital commands. Installing it on your door is relatively easy and quick. Here is a video to help you understand how smart door sensors work!

SpikeBot Smart Door Sensor

SpikeBot Smart Door Lock Sensor

SpikeBot wireless door sensor is beyond your imaginations. It will work for locking and unlocking your door with digital commands and help you get timely logs of your door activities.

Installing the SpikeBot smart IoT door sensor for your smart home, you can keep a watch on your kids and elders despite being outside. It records each movement of your door and can be easily integrated with a smart camera right near the door entry for the complete safety and protection of your family.

SpikeBot Smart Door Sensor Technical Specifications

Why SpikeBot Smart Door Sensor For Your Home or Office?

The WiFi door sensor comes with a lot of advantages for both your home and office. Let’s explore it for having you convinced that smart door sensors are for smart people like you!

1.   No More Juggling With The Keys

When you invest in a smart door lock sensor, you do not have to carry your home or office keys anywhere. The wireless door sensor is operated via digital commands from your SpikeBot smart home app.

You can quickly leave for your home or office without being worried about the keys! All you need is your smartphone to lock and unlock the doors and windows.

2.   Enhances Home or Office Security

A fantastic benefit of having a WiFi door sensor is that it upgrades your home security to another level. From traditional and easily breakable locks, you move your home or office’s security to digital locks. Manipulating with digital locks is not easy for any burglar. Hence, you are upgrading your home or office security with a SpikeBot smart IoT door sensor.

3.   Get Everyday Log Details on Phone

Well, if you are keen to know about the daily log details or activities of your home or office after installing the wireless door sensor- you can get it on your SpikeBot smart home app. All you need to do is set the time for which you need to get the complete log activity details on your app. If you have integrated a smart camera and the smart door sensor, you can also get the video details.

4.   Manage Locking & Unlocking with SpikeBot App

SpikeBot smart home app allows you to lock and unlock your house/office doors and windows with a single tap. You simply need to access the app for allowing the door to open or shut for you and others. Yes, you can manage the door’s lock and system from anywhere in the world using the WiFi door sensor from SpikeBot.  

5.   No Major Installation Headache

Many clients who have connected us for the IoT smart door sensor have loved the quick installation from SpikeBot. Yes, our installation steps are pretty easy and quick. No wear and tear are required in your newly designed home or office as the smart door sensor is installed on the door itself.

6.   Explore More, Apart From Door Locking Sensor

When you integrate a smart lock using the smart door sensor from SpikeBot, you get a whole new concept of managing your door entry. Apart from locking and unlocking the door, you can get a close watch on the opening and closing of the door logs along with the time session. Also, the log records remain stored in your SpikeBot smart home app.

If you are worried that the popular smart door locks will be integrated into your SpikeBot smart home app, you must stay relaxed. SpikeBot smart home app is easily integrated with popular digital locks like Yale and Godrej.

8.   Manage Your Home or Office From Anywhere

One of the best ways to manage your home and office door lock system is by installing the IoT smart door sensor from SpikeBot. The app allows you to control the locking and unlocking of the door from anywhere in the world. Hence, the control of your home is always in your pocket regardless of where you are!

9.   Safeguards Your Family and Kids

Smart door sensors are best for families that have kids and elders at home. It helps in managing your family’s security via the smart home app. The integrated smart camera and door lock together safeguard your family by sending you timely alerts and notifications of the door opening and closing in your absence. Above all, the control of the lock is always in your hands.

10. Budget-Friendly Wireless Door Sensor

Nevertheless, one more advantage of investing in the SpikeBot smart door sensor is that it is budget-friendly. Hence, you can easily afford it to enhance the security of your smart home and get easy access to the benefits mentioned above.

How Can I Buy SpikeBot IoT Door Sensor?

SpikeBot is a smart home automation system helping you turn your home into a smart home. To get your SpikeBot IoT wireless door sensor, you need to connect with the SpikeBot experts by logging on to or email your requirements at [email protected]. Our experts will get back to you with the complete installation guide and cost.