The Must-Have Smart Home Sensors to Modernize Your Home in 2021

The Must-Have Smart Home Sensors to Modernize Your Home in 2021

The Must-Have Smart Home Sensors to Modernize Your Home in 2021

The smart home is no more a dream! The metro cities have started living in smart homes by accepting luxury, security, and convenience. Many products can help us upgrade our home to a smart home, but with this blog post, I shall discuss the top three must-have smart home sensors that allow your home to turn into an IoT home automation system. So, let’s discuss it further!

Are you living in a smart home?

One of the questions that always keep baffling many of us is that is my home a smart home? Well, just turning your lights into smart lights or allowing your home to function via Alexa’s commands can never make your home a smart home. A smart home delivers the complete privilege of operating your home’s various appliances via smartphone or remote control, or voice commands. In short, without a home automation gateway, you can never call your home a smart home.

Smart Home Management

To turn your home smart, the first thing you need to do is launch your smart home with the help of a home automation gateway. A smart home gateway helps your home appliances get connected to a primary router or station to receive the commands via smartphone or remote.

SpikeBot Gateway

SpikeBot IoT home automation system helps your home turn into a smart home with the help of SpikeBot Gateway. It is a smart home control management system that allows your different electronic appliances to work in sync with the help of the SpikeBot mobile app. Also, it can be connected to the various voice commands after completing the successful setup.

Top Three Smart Home Sensors to Invest in 2021

So, if you are wondering how you would turn your home into a smart IoT-based home, here are the top three products you can invest in. But yes, before you invest in these products- it is vital to set up the SpikeBot home automation gateway. For technical assistance, you can call us at +91-79-66775888.

1.   High Load Automation Sensor

High-load appliances like Air Conditioner, Geyser, Mixture, Washing Machine, and Refrigerator needs home automation for the high load to keep the device working via smartphone, remote, or voice commands.

If you are looking forward to turning your home into a smart home, you need to make sure that these heavy load appliances are perfectly synced with your home automation gateway for easy control and management.

SpikeBot home automation for heavy load helps you send commands to your high load appliances via the SpikeBot smartphone application. Nevertheless, you can also schedule the operations using the SpikeBot mobile app. Connect with our technical expert for more information.

SpikeBot home automation for heavy load

2.   Smart Door Sensor

A smart door sensor enhances the security of your home by giving you timely alerts on the opening and closing of the door. Nevertheless, it is also integrated with the best smart home door locks, such as Yale and Godrej.

SpikeBot smart home door sensor upgrades your IoT home automation system with high-end security and alerts. You can expect timely logs on your smartphone about the opening and closing of the door with time period and date. Our IoT door sensor upgrades your home security, especially when you have kids and elders at home.

3.   Home Lighting Automation Sensor

The fundamental thing that a smart home must-have is a home lighting automation system. You must have an IoT home automation setup that can help you turn on and off the home lights with the help of your mobile app or voice commands.

SpikeBot home lighting automation sensor helps you light up different lights and bulbs in your drawing room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, garden, and dining area with the flick of your finger. You can even schedule lightings for your house when you are on vacation using our best smart home gadgets and app.

SpikeBot home lighting automation sensor


If you are ready to modernize your home with the help of smart home sensors in 2021, you must connect with the SpikeBot IoT home automation system. We have got the best smart home sensors to upgrade your home, office, and hotel. Connect with our technical experts and schedule an online consultation to see how you can set up a home automation gateway using the SpikeBot home automation system.

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