SpikeBot Exclusive: What does the future hold for IoT based home automation system?

SpikeBot Exclusive: What does the future hold for IoT based home automation system?

SpikeBot Exclusive: What does the future hold for IoT based home automation system?

Before 2020, the word ‘home’ was not much highlighted. But since the pandemic has begun, people have realised that they need to invest more in their homes for making it more luxurious and comfortable. We have heard about smart cities, and of course- many of us have switched our homes to smart homes. But have you personally experienced the convenience and facilities of living with an IoT based home automation system?

What is a Home Automation System?

A smart house or a smart home is referred to the home or building that has IoT based devices connected via Wi-Fi inside or outside the premises. And a smart home automation system is a device that monitors and controls the various connected devices inside the house or building. To automate your home or to build the multiple devices that can be connected are lighting bulbs, switchboards, switch panels, single switch, electronic items such as fan and AC, TV and Geyser, Coffee maker and baking oven, water sensor, humidity sensor, door lock, CCTV camera and much more.

Surprising Smart Home System Facts

I am not sure whether you have heard this before, but there are more than 170+ million smart homes in the globe. It means that people are accepting modern means of living and accepting IoT based home automation devices. Countries like the USA have the highest numbers of smart houses in the world. It is believed that by the end of 2022, the USA will have 63 million smart Wi-Fi homes.  India is also increasing, and society owners and builders are appreciating the smarter means of living.

Smart home devices used for control and connectivity worldwide from 2017 to 2023

Source: Statista

SpikeBot: IoT Home Automation Company in Ahmedabad, India

SpikeBot is a smart home automation system company headquartered in Ahmedabad, India. As a company, it believes that you are smart and so should be your house and office. Hence, it is making it possible for people across Gujarat to have the desired smart home automation system with the best home automation solutions.

SpikeBot has a wide range of best smart home devices to make your home and offices smarter. The products are exclusively made in India for enhancing the luxury and comfort of your indoor and outdoor premises. Be it a house, garden, hotel, office, or a building- SpikeBot smart home system has got hi-tech home automation solutions to help you operate the different electronic devices via Smart home application.

SpikeBot Best smart home devices

Introducing SpikeBot Gateway to connect all your smart home devices via a single click. It is a brilliant multi-functional device that manages the entire SpikeBot IoT based home automation system. Indeed, it holds the primary control of the whole automation solution installed in your home, hotel, or office.

SpikeBot Gateway Video

SpikeBot 5 and 5F turns your living room, bedroom, or kitchen into a smart room by connecting the electric appliances of the room via the SpikeBot smart home app. Installing it, the homeowner can connect bulbs, fans, night lamps, charger, etc. to the smart home system.

SpikeBot high load system is installed for operating the heavy load appliances via the smart home application, including the Air Conditioner, Geyser, pressure pumps, etc. It is indeed a boon to get it installed for experiencing complete luxury inside the house.

SpikeBot gas smoker is also known as the best smart smoke sensor that sends alerts on the smartphone of the smart homeowner in case of any gas or smoke detection. SpikeBot IoT home automation system has the best smart smoke sensor that can be installed to keep your home safe.

SpikeBot Door Sensor is one of the best home automation solutions to keep your home safe from burglars and unknown threats. Installing the smart door sensor, the smart house owner can manage the door lock and opening of the house from anywhere in the world. It also sends timely alerts on the smartphone about the total number of times the door has been opened and closed in the day.

Other smart home devices by SpikeBot includes smart water detector or sensor, smart humidity sensor, smart camera, smart IR blaster, smart door lock integration, smart curtain device, etc.

SpikeBot Mobile App

When you buy any digital product, there is always a way to operate it. Likewise, SpikeBot smart home mobile application allows the smart homeowner to utilise and manage the installed best smart home devices via a single click. The mobile app is precisely designed to give the smart homeowner complete details about the device connected with the app including timely alerts, electricity consumed, ON and Off reminders, schedule lighting systems, smoke and humidity level timely notifications, home control for windows- doors and pressure pumps, etc. from anywhere in the world. All you require is the smart Wi-Fi connection to be installed in your house for allowing the application to control the connected smart home devices.

Nevertheless, SpikeBot IoT based home automation system application allows you to create a mood for different rooms to create customised lighting and setting of the connected devices. It is indeed one of the best ways to keep your house secure even during the holidays. And, the best way to protect your elders and kids at home from unknown threats and incidents.

All you need to say is, ‘Hi Alexa, Turn on the AC.’

‘Hey Google, please turn off the geyser.’

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Final Crux

SpikeBot provides best home automation solutions across Ahmedabad, India. The company has the best Made in India smart home products and sensors for modernising your home or office premises. Connect with our business head to switch your home into a smart home experience.