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Spikebot App for all Your Smart Devices.

Spikebot App streamlines the whole smart home system. Our app gives you access to all the Spikebot devices installed in your homes at the tip of your hands.The app is compatible with every smartphone operating system. With Spikebot App, you have the flexibility to monitor your home temperature, water leakages, gas/smoke leakage or the door open/close status and allow you to control your home’s locks, lights, and even your geyser and water pumps from virtually anywhere.



Ergonomically and Aesthetically Designed

Spikebot Automation System is designed and developed in India and we take care of even the smallest detail of the system. Spikebot devices are ergonomically fit for the all users; we make sure that there is no human error or interventions in the operation of our devices. The enclosures for each Spikebot device is aesthetically designed that are perfect for your home/office.

Easy to Install and Easy to Use

Spikebot is a simple, secure, and affordable solution to automate your home and offices. You don’t need to make much change in the existing interior or electrical connections of your house/office when you are upgrading your home/office using Spikebot Automation system. Our products are easy to install and configure for turning almost all the electrical appliances smart. Be it heavy load devices or medium load appliances; we have a solution for everything to help you control from anywhere in the world.


Spikebot provides user with a wonderful feature that allows its users to create different moods, where the user can add the electrical appliances that are configured with the Spikebot system. Spikebot allows the user to operate the created moods using numerous ways: You can operate the predefined moods using Spikebot Application or using the Spikebot Smart Remote or all you need to say is “Hey Google! Turn On Evening Mood” or “Alexa! Turn On Morning Mood.

Logs and Notifications

Spikebot app sends pop up notifications for the activities and changes that happen in the status of Spiekbot automation devices . User can customize their pop up notification. Continuous logs data for all the activities that happened in the day are made available to the users in the Spikebot App. User can also filter the logs for a particular Spikebot smart device.

Smart Scheduling

Spikebot automation system allows its users to create a routine for the appliances that are used by its users regularly at particular time. Create personalized schedules to automate operation of lights or water pump or AC based on time and day of week, keep your house comfortable and make it appear occupied when you’re away.


Spikebot system is protected through the encrypted communication protocol and passwords to make sure that user data is protected. The user login for the Spikebot smartphone App is protected with OTP encryption to add a next level security.