Room by Room Guide to Home Automation by SpikeBot

Room by Room Guide to Home Automation by SpikeBot

Room by Room Guide to Home Automation by SpikeBot

Home automation system brings in a lot of convenience for the residents of the smart home. It is one of the best ways to enhance the security of your home without intervening in any human resources. With today’s blog, we will connect you with the room-by-room guide to home automation and help you understand the benefits of IoT home automation services.

What is an IoT-based Home Automation System?

A home automation system is integrated into a home to make it a smart home. Just like a router is required to set up a successful Wi-Fi in your home, a home automation gateway is needed for setting up a smart home. Connecting with your home automation brand can help you set up a smart home gateway to activate various smart devices successfully.

In short, all the smart home devices are connected to a single home automation gateway for accepting and reacting to the commands sent by smartphones, remote control, or voice commands.

Let’s explore further a room-by-room smart home guide.

Room By Room, Smart Home Guide by SpikeBot

A home automation system is designed for every corner of your house or office. Yes, you can set up various smart home devices for your home, office, or hotel by connecting with a home automation system like SpikeBot.

1.   Smart Home Automation Using IoT for Living Room, Dining Area, and Kitchen

The living area of our home has various devices that need timely operations, including the light, fan, air conditioner, central door lock, television, etc. All these devices can be operated using a remote control, smartphone, or voice command by setting up a successful smart home system like SpikeBot.

Here is a video designed by the SpikeBot home automation system using IoT to help our customers understand how your living room devices are controlled and managed by a smart home system.

SpikeBot 5F

Apart from the illustration shown in the video, SpikeBot smart home system can do many other things for your living room. It can help you set up a smart door lock system by integrating a voice command or smartphone door lock access. You can even set up a smart camera right above the main door lock to help you get timely notifications on your smartphone about the entry and exit of people entering your home.

For keeping your elders, and kids safe in your home- the SpikeBot home automation system has designed an exclusive smart smoke detector that rings an alarm with smoke detection. Yes, in less than 20 seconds, you can expect your smartphone to get a notification once your kitchen or living area has detected smoke in the air. To know how the SpikeBot smart smoke sensor helps your family members to stay safe, watch this exclusive video.

2.   Home Automation System Using IoT for Bedrooms and Balconies

Just like the living room, your home automation system can work for bedroom and balcony lights and fan as well. Your bedroom air conditioner, as well as geyser, can be successfully connected with the SpikeBot smart home automation system using IoT. Hence, you can set up your geyser in the morning at a scheduled time, even before getting up from bed. Likewise, you can turn on the air conditioner before reaching your home and having a cool room before you arrive!

Considering the safety of your home during a holiday or vacation, you can turn on your home’s balcony lights to give a wrong impression to burglars. You can help them know you are at home by scheduling your balcony and bedroom lights at a fixed time.

3.   IoT Home Automation System for Backyard and Garden

Now, let’s talk about the backyard and garden. A smart home system can help your garden as well as backyard area with the automated lighting system. You can simply turn on your garden water pump or lights from anywhere in the world with a single click on your smartphone application. Even when you are on holiday, you can water your plants by scheduling a daily water pump mode using your SpikeBot smarthome application.


SpikeBot home automation system using IoT offers a modern lifestyle to homeowners and their family members. We have a smart home system that can integrate various home devices with our SpikeBot smart home management system. Well, you can connect with our business executive and get a free smart home system demo for a room-to-room smart home guide.