Let Spikebot Manage Your Home Security With Ease While You Are Away

Let Spikebot Manage Your Home Security With Ease While You Are Away

Let Spikebot Manage Your Home Security With Ease While You Are Away

Smart houses and IoT based home automation systems are booming like insane.

By 2023, the worldwide smart house market is expected to be worth €45 billion ($53.5 billion), with the number of smart homes expected to reach 300 million by the following year. But we are here to discuss smart home security.

Smart home security comprises a collection of physical and technological elements that all work together to make a house safe and secure. The innovation behind home security systems has evolved dramatically during the past decade. Almost all security systems are wireless and may function as home automation systems, giving you more bang for your buck. They’re also a lot simpler to use today due to smartphones and touch-screen displays.

The smart home components include – smart home door sensor, automatic door lock system for home, motion sensor for lights, Automatic curtain opener and closer, and much more.

Smart home security systems, for example, link all components to a smartphone app, enabling the user to manage them remotely. As smart home ecosystems have grown in popularity, they have started to interface with voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, enabling users to control their systems solely via their voice. Burglars cannot disarm our system since we have configured it to only respond to our voices.

Let’s understand each feature offered by the Spikebot to manage your home security with ease while you are away from your home.

The Spikebot App is compatible with all your smart devices.

The SpikeBot App unifies the whole IoT based home automation system. Our App puts all Spikebot devices placed in your house at your fingertips.

The sensors are carefully placed around your house, including at access points such as doorways and the first widows and in corridors and high-traffic areas to provide maximum protection.

SpikeBot Mobile App Features

They can identify when a doorway or entrance is closed, when someone walks about in your home, or when all of these occurrences occur at the same time. When the smart home security system is activated, it alerts the central control unit whenever a sensor is tripped. The hub then sounds an audio alarm, sends you a notification on your smartphone app.

With Spikebot App, you can monitor your home’s temperature, water leaks, gas/smoke leaks, and door open/close status and remotely manage your home’s locks, lights, and even geyser and water pumps.

1.   Logs and Notification

How cool would it be when the state of any smart home device changes and you get notified? That sounds great! Isn’t it?  Spikebot App notifies users through pop-up alerts when actions or changes to the state of Spikebot automation devices occur, such as motion sensors and automatic door lock system for home.

The user can personalize their pop-up notification. Continuous log data for all day-to-day actions are made accessible to users through the Spikebot App. Additionally, the user may filter the logs for a certain Spikebot smart device.

2.   It is easy to install and way too easy to use

SpikeBot is a straightforward, safe, and cost-effective option for automating your home and workplace. When updating your home/office with the Spikebot Automation system, you do not need to make significant changes to the current interior or electrical connections.

Our devices, like smart home door sensors, motion sensors, etc., are simple to install and configure, making it possible to convert virtually any electrical appliance into a smart one. We offer a solution for everything, from heavy load devices to medium load appliances, to enable you to control from anywhere in the globe.

3.   It is ergonomically and aesthetically designed

IoT based home automation system of SpikeBot was created and developed in India, and we pay close attention to even the tiniest details of the system’s operation. We ensure that all Spikebot devices are ergonomically designed for all users and that there is no room for human mistakes or interference during the functioning of our gadgets.

The casings for each Spikebot gadget are beautifully designed, making them ideal for use in your home or business environment.

4.   The top-class security feature of the App

Spikebot system is protected through the encrypted communication protocol and passwords to ensure that user data is protected. The user login for the Spikebot smartphone App is protected with OTP encryption to add next-level smart home security.

So, with Spikebot’s smart App – you can have the assurance of top-notch security.

5.   Smart Scheduling

The Spikebot’s IoT based home automation system enables its customers to establish a routine for the appliances that they regularly use at a certain time to save time.

Create customized schedules to automate the functioning of lights, water pumps, smart home door sensors, and air conditioners depending on the time and day of the week, keeping your home pleasant and seeming inhabited while you’re away on business or vacation.

6.   The unique feature of “Mood.”

Spikebot provides users with a wonderful feature that allows users to create different moods. The user can add the electrical appliances that are configured with the Spikebot IoT based home automation system.

Spikebot allows the user to operate the created moods in numerous ways: You can operate the predefined moods using the Spikebot Application or the Spikebot Smart Remote. Just say is “Hey Google! Turn on. Evening Mood” or “Alexa! Turn on Morning Mood.

Wrap Up

A smart home provides you with the ease of managing and automating every gadget and appliance in your house, from motion sensors to a smart home door sensor. It meets your safety and security needs, saves energy, and saves a lot of money.

To learn more about IoT based home automation systems and smart home security, contact us at [email protected].