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In the previous post we informed you about the bullish potential seen in the smart home industry and why and how you should be associated with it. Click here to read it in case you have missed it.  In this post, we give you another reason why you should take smart home automation dealership and become a dealer today!

With the boom in the IoT (Internet of Things) technology, its percolation into other industries and rise of tech-savvy home buyers, interior designers & home builders are at a crossroad of design, technology and building modern homes.

Interior designers and home builders use the following smart home automation products increasingly:

  • Smart lighting solutions
  • Smart home entertainment systems
  • Smart home appliances
  • Smart home utilities
  • Smart home surveillance systems
  • Smart door locks
  • Smart home sensors

Why should you be a home automation dealer with Spikebot?

  • Interior designers and home builders reach out to Spikebot and its dealers to cater this increasing demand.
  • It is proud Indian company established to serve Indians first and the world later.  
  • Its products are designed, developed and manufactured in India.   
  • Its products have the best quality and are up to the industry standards.   

To evolve, interior designers and home buyers are constantly searching for easy, intuitive, smart home technology products creating a huge demand to cater. If you wanted to be associated with smart home industry, you will not have a better time than now. Take the smart home automation dealership from Spikebot today!