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Smart automation of home and office has become one of the most rapidly evolving industries since its inception across the world. With many favorable factors, India has been in the forefront of this revolution and evolution. Don’t you want to be associated with this US $6 billion industry? Become a dealer today!

The demand to either create smart automation systems for a new home or office or transform the traditional home or office into a smart one has been steadily increasing among hundreds and thousands of Indians. Spikebot, a proud Indian company has been catering to this very demand with its vast product portfolio. Reach us for a hassle-free smart home automation dealership experience and become a dealer today!  

Why should you become a home automation dealer in 2022?

  • Market size to reach a US $ 6 billion in 2022.
  • Active households to be transformed is estimated to be 540 Lakhs by 2026.
  • Adoption rate to be ~15% by 2026

What will you gain by getting associated with Spikebot?

  • You can grow your business as Spikebot is placed best to cater to the India’s demand for smart automations
  • Ready acceptance by Indians as It is proud Indian company established to serve Indians first and the world later.
  • All the products in the portfolio have a “Made in India” badge.  
  • All the products have the best quality products built for international and industry standards and hence deliver superior quality and experience to the customer.  

So, become a dealer today and embark on a journey towards success and grow your business along with Spikebot