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Smart home market is one of the most rapidly evolving among others. According to a recent research report from Statica, smart home market in India is a potential $ 6 billion market by the end of 2022. So, it is natural to pick this industry if you are thinking to start your business/dealership in 2022.

Now that we have covered the Why, let us focus on the How viz., how to get your smart home automation dealership in India with the least investment and highest returns. You have to focus on the three main aspects for it.

  1. A hungry market (Explained already)
  2. The best-in-class products to sell which will delight with a great customer experience
  3. The best-in-class company working with whom gives you a great partner experience

The answers to both #2 and #3 is SpikeBot, chosen by many Indian customers, partners and is the best Indian smart home automation company. Spikebot offers the following:

  1. The best products which are designed, developed, manufactured in India ensuring the competitive cost/pricing with high quality
  2. The Best UX through the in-house developed app
  3. #1 and #2 ensure that the customers are happy, satisfied and provide references for future business

So, if you wanted to start your business/dealership or if you wanted to get a smart home automation dealership in 2022, now is the right time. Get in touch with us at +91-79-66775888 or [email protected]