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Smart home technology has become one of the most rapidly growing verticals in the smart and connected industry or IoT (internet of Things). As it rapidly paves way in India, it is estimated to reach a whopping $ 6 billion in 2022 i.e., billion with a ‘b’.

As hundreds and thousands of Indians are looking to transform their traditional homes into a smart home, it makes sense for businesses across the country to capture this demand. One such company which has been in the forefront of this revolution and evolution is Spikebot, a proud Indian company. And here is your chance to become a dealer and be associated with it.

Why should you depend on the smart home automation company/industry?

  • Market size to reach a US $ 6B in 2022.
  • Active households to be transformed is estimated to be 54M by 2026.
  • Current adoption of 7.5% to increase by nearly double by 2026

Why should you be associated with Spikebot?

  • It is proud Indian company established to serve Indians first and the world later.
  • All the products have a proud “Made in India” badge of honor as all smart home automation products solutions are designed, developed and manufactured in India.  
  • The products have the best quality products built for international and industry standards.  
  • Spikebot has been in the forefront of the smart home revolution in India and it make sense to be associated with the #1 Indian smart home automation company

So, if you wanted to be home automation dealer now is the right time and to be associated with Spikebot is the right way forward.