How Smart Smoke Sensors Help with Fire Prevention and Detection?

How Smart Smoke Sensors Help with Fire Prevention and Detection?

How Smart Smoke Sensors Help with Fire Prevention and Detection?

Fire alarms are the most common safety devices that we are aware of for smoke or gas detection. We all have been visiting many public places where we have observed the fire extinguishers. These extinguishers help to take control of the fire. But what about the device that helps in preventing fire or gas leakage with its early detection technology. The smart smoke detector is a smart sensor designed to detect gas or smoke detection in your house, hotel or office.

What is IoT Smoke Detector?

Smart home sensors’ advanced and latest technology helps families experience extreme luxury, safety, and security. An LPG gas smoke detector for home is one of the examples of it. SpikeBot home automation system has designed IoT-based smart smoke detectors that safeguard your home and family with early detection of smoke or fire in your premises.

How Does Smoke or Gas Leakage Detector Works?

The technology of IoT smoke detectors is highly advanced.  Even a 0.5% of smoke emission will trigger the sensors to alert the homeowner with a buzzer and a smartphone notification about the smoke emission.

Here is an exclusive video designed by SpikeBot to help smart homeowners understand how Smart Smoke Detector helps prevent and detect fire.

How SpikeBot Smart Smoke Detector Prevents Fire?

Technical Specifications of SpikeBot IoT Smoke Detector

  • Gas and Smoke sensing.
  • Power: 5V/1A via USB port
  • Gas/Smoke sensing range: 300 ppm to 10,000 ppm
  • Preheat Time: 20 seconds
  • Dimensions: 70x60x18mm

Who Needs Smart Gas Leakage Detector?

  • Considering the safety, every house needs a smart smoke detector sensor at home or office. When you are a working couple and have kids and elders at home during your absence, you definitely need to set up an LPG gas detector sensor for home. These sensors are highly powerful and can help you detect smoke emission in less than 20 seconds. You can alert your family and can save them from any unwanted accident.
  • Offices with in-house pantry facilities also need to install an IoT smoke detector for their employees and property safety. These sensors send an alert message on the connected smartphone and start buzzing loud in case of any fire detection.
  • If you are running a hotel, you need to install smoke detectors to ensure your visitors with a secure and safe stay. These sensors can be installed on different floors to help your hotel detect smoke or gas leakage before time. It further prevents your property from any damages.
  • Schools and kindergartens should also equip themselves with IoT smoke detector for ensuring the parents with 100% safety of their children at school.
  • Hospitals and other public places can also benefit from gas leakage detectors by installing them on their premises.

SpikeBot Smart Smoke Detector

SpikeBot home automation system has various smart home sensors, including smart smoke detectors, water leakage detectors, smart door sensors, smart curtain sensors, etc. All these sensors are designed to help you stay secure and comfortable on your premises. The smart home system is integrated with your home-based Wi-Fi and connected with the smartphone to ensure double protection for your home or office.

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