Defining the Role of IoT in Home Automation Industry

Defining the Role of IoT in Home Automation Industry

Defining the Role of IoT in Home Automation Industry

Today, at the forefront of Automation progress, life in all domains is becoming more comfortable and less challenging. IoT based home automation is a state-of-the-art system that transforms your home to execute various task sets seamlessly. Automatic frameworks are now preferred over manual methods.

No wonder, home automation system using IoT in India is already a buzz word, particularly as the wave of second-generation homeowners emerges; they need more than accommodation, water, and electricity. The first and most apparent advantage of Smart Homes is comfort and ease since more devices can manage more operations (lighting, temperature, etc.), which, in turn, free the resident to perform other tasks.

Smart home automation using IoT packed with linked products are filled with choices that make our lives simpler, more convenient, and more relaxed. There is no lack of options for smart home IoT systems, and home automation appears to be a future trend.

These IoT home automation systems appear to have integration of home devices with the Internet. IT automation would be the secret to bridging the difference between human limits and the capability of technology. With automation, data can be obtained immediately and transferred between devices smoothly as processed at the same time.

Let’s Check-out the Stats Story

As per the International Data Corporation (IDC) data, in 2019, there were 814.8 million smart-devices. They have projected that the demand for Home-monitoring and security devices will be increased from 156.6 to 307.9 million. That’s huge in the trend of iot home automation.

IoT home automation is an enticing context for the Internet of Things (IoT), by linking the IP gateway directly to the Internet or via a home/residential gateway; it can be remotely controlled using a PC, mobile phone, tablet, or any other computer.

If you are a business person who is interested in making IoT based home automation product, here is a stat published by Business Insider whose actual source is NTT Data disruption and opportunity in the insurance industry – which tells that back in 2017, Home Appliance manufactures were standing 2nd in the list of Companies best positioned in the smart home market.

Brief about the role of smart home automation using IoT

The Home Automation system’s elegance is that the controls are accessible from your phones and other remote-control devices. Smart home IoT systems can help cut costs and save electricity. Home Automation includes intelligent lights, smart TVs, and other appliances.

Wearable’s (Smart Watch, fitness brands, smartphones, smart clothing) are also expected to see development in the future. IoT is the secret that makes the entire thing run. Today, almost 22.5 percent of the customers surveyed in India were familiar with the idea of IoT, with the highest level of recognition seen in the 36-55 age range, which shows that there is a significant potential for increased acceptance of such technology.

The future of the Home Automation industry will come with a few immediate improvements to Automation technologies. For example, wireless automation technologies and lower price points as the industry embrace home automation use in more significant quantities. With expanded internet access and data use, the category of connected devices is projected to see a massive rise by 2021.

IoT based home automation in India is generating tremendous opportunities not just for Indian automation firms but also for international companies.

Here are the most mainstream smart home items, and why are users are purchasing?

IoT integrated TVs, CCTV surveillance systems, smart speakers, door locks, lighting, etc. are among the leading smart home devices. Consumers buy these home automation systems using IoT products—and related services—to make their lives simpler, save time and money, increase energy quality and keep secure and safe.

Why do retailers continue to be enthusiastic about smart homes?

Smart houses, vehicles, and other integrated IoT environments offer new mindsets for human-computer engagement and advertisers’ opportunities to achieve more significant insights into their markets. They would allow responsible advertisers to interact with customers in a more urgent, substantive, and customized manner.

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Wrapping Up

In summary, we can assume that home automation systems using IoT will have immense demand soon. And if IoT engineers working with an IoT technology sector keep on with the developments, they are making. The day is not far from where everything around us is going to be automated.

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