Top 5 Smart Home Devices to Upgrade Your Smart Home in 2021

Top 5 Smart Home Devices to Upgrade Your Smart Home in 2021

Top 5 Smart Home Devices to Upgrade Your Smart Home in 2021

Upgrading your smart home is one of the best ways to take advantage of technology for upgrading your lifestyle. We have no idea that how the world has advanced in the last many years. IoT home automation system is one of the examples of it.

With today’s blog, I will help you understand what IoT based home automation system is and how these smart home products can upgrade your home into a smart home.

What is Smart Home Automation System?

Home automation is one of the leading technologies that help your home to switch into a smart home. A smart home is a technology-driven or operated home, where various electronic devices are managed and controlled via remote or smartphone applications. You can turn on and off lights, AC, geyser, fan, oven, bulbs, water cooler, mixer, and much more via smartphone application command. It is more like managing your home on the tip of your finger.

Smart home automation using IoT is a technology that allows you to control your home appliances from anywhere in the world. For allowing yourself and your family members to cherish your home’s upgrade functionalities, you need to install the smart home system in your house.

Here are the top 5 IoT home automation products that will help you upgrade your smart home in 2021.

Let’s discuss these five popular smart home products and how they help upgrade your home into a smart home.

1: Home Automation Gateway

A home automation gateway is one of the multi-device controllers for your smart home. Just like the name, it is a kind of gateway that allows the various smart home sensors to operate in your home with a single click. All your home or office appliances can be controlled via a single smartphone click. It works as a brain for all smart home devices.

To help you understand how the IoT home automation system works with SpikeBot Gateway, please check this video.

Home Automation Gateway Video

2: IoT Automated Curtain System

We have mostly witnessed the automated curtain system in lavish hotels and hospitals. Having an automatic curtain device for drawing on/off the curtains requires a smart curtain sensor. The sensor is installed behind the switchboard and connected with your SpikeBot smart app to manage the curtains’ opening and closing with different blind styles and functions.

To read more about the technical specifications of SpikeBot automated curtain devices, you can click here.

3: Smart Smoke Detector

Smoke or gas detection is one of the essential IoT-based home automation devices. It helps in the early detection of smoke or gas in the house or office, or hotel. Either you busy watching Netflix or are chilling with your favorite WhatsApp chat; you need not worry about your kitchen’s safety.

SpikeBot LPG gas detector sensor gives you pre-warning on your smartphone with gas smoke notifications. It will help you prevent any unwanted accidents in your house.

4: IoT Water Leak Sensor

For your IoT home automation system, the water leak sensor plays a vital role in keeping your home safe from any water damage. Either it is your kitchen, backyard area, garden, or washroom- The spikeBot water detector sensor can be placed anywhere to help you get water leak notifications.

You can get a complete list of technical specifications about our IoT water leak sensor by clicking here.

5: Smart Door Lock System

The smart door lock integration system helps your home or office with keyless entries. Unlocking and locking your main door or bedroom door, or cabin door becomes digitally secure. Here you get the facility to unlock and close the door using the SpikeBot smart app. Nevertheless, you also get timely notifications for the number of times the door has been open and shut.

Viewing your door’s current status is also accessible using IoT home automation smart door lock integration sensor. For more information about the smart door lock system, you can log on to our official website.

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2021 is all about accepting innovations and possibilities. SpikeBot IoT based home automation system helps your home turn into a smart home with various smart home devices. Connect with our business development team for knowing more about our smart home automation using IoT based products.