Top 3 Smart Water Detectors For Smart Homes in 2020

Top 3 Smart Water Detectors For Smart Homes in 2020

Top 3 Smart Water Detectors For Smart Homes in 2020

Smart homes and smart offices are smart. Trust me; if you have ever experienced the leisure and comfort of using a smartphone, a smart home can equally excite you with its fantastical elements. In the previous blogs, we have discussed the smart home automation system devices such as the smart thermostats, smart lighting systems, smart curtains, smart smoke detectors, smart security cameras, smart plugs, smart locks, and smart speakers.

Today we are going to discuss the top 3 smart water detectors, one of the best smart home devices for preventing your residence from flooding, waterlogging and extreme moisture.

What are Smart Water Detectors?

The smart water detectors are water leak detectors that detect the water leakage, extreme moisture and water flooding from faulty pipes, appliances, or surface of the floors. It is an excellent device to keep your home safe during any water leakage outbreak or water logging issues. The sensor sends a signal to the smart homeowner indicating the water leakage that needs to be taken care of. Hence, one can save both time and water by taking the right actions at the right time. It is indeed, one of the must-have smart home automation system devices.

Many smart home automation companies are manufacturing smart water detectors or sensors. But with this blog, we will highlight the top three smart water detectors that are must-have for smart homes and smart offices in 2020.

Top 3 Smart Water Detectors for Smart Home Automation System

The top smart water detectors that we are going to list out here are the potential water leakage sensors. These best smart home devices for water leakage not only saves your time and money but also helps to prevent any damage that shall affect your home interior and other important assets. Here are our top 3 home automation companies for best smart water detector devices.

1.   Honeywell

Honeywell Water Leak and Freeze Detector keep the house owner aware of the potential water activity of the house. The sensor is connected to the smartphone app via Wi-Fi, hence in case of any emergency such as water leakage or water freeze- the smart Honeywell water detector sends a notification for the same.

Honeywell Smart Water Detector


  • Temperature and humidity sensors for detecting the moisture and in-door temperature of the house.
  • The product is accompanied by batteries that can last up to 3 years.
  • Mobile alerts, audible alerts in case of emergency
  • The leakage is measured in drops by the sensor. After a few drops, the smart water detector sends a notification for the same.
  • After detecting any incident of water leakage or water freezing, this incredible device can be reused.
  • If you wish to expand the water sensor diameter, you can easily do it with the 4ft water sensor cable that is accompanied with the product.
  • Include a friend notification at the times when you are away or on vacation.

Bottom line:

Honeywell smart water leakage and water freeze detector is indeed an asset for your smart home automation system. It is extremely easy to set up and installs for preventing the leakage of your smart home. If you wish to check out the video for installation, click here.

2.   SpikeBot

SpikeBot is one of the best smart home automation companies headquartered in India. The smart home automation system brand manufacturers almost all types of smart home devices, including the water detector sensor. Let us explore the features.



  • SpikeBot water detector sends instant notifications at the time of water leakage or waterlogging on your smartphone.
  • It is a Zigbee based device that detects the water overflow quickly. The device beeps with a buzzer at the time of water detection.
  • The response time for water detection is less than 5 seconds.
  • The device has a long battery life for up to 6 months. It works with a 3V coin cell.
  • SpikeBot water detector is one of the best smart home devices to detect water during monsoon or rainy days in the basement.
  • The device can also be used in the outdoor area such as a garden.
  • Water wastage can be easily prevented after installing the SpikeBot Water leakage sensor anywhere in the house or outdoor area.


Well, if you are living in India and are looking forward to having one of the best smart water detectors installed in your basement or garden, then you inquire about SpikeBot home automation system and devices. Moreover, the device is quite reasonable than that of other brands offering the same features.

3.   Samsung

Samsung is one of the most renowned electronics brands. It is excelling in the field of home automation as well by introducing great smart home automation devices. Samsung’s smart water detector and leak sensor are best known for automating lights and siren for the alert. Let us explore more about it.

Samsung Smart Water Detector


  • Smart notifications for water leakage and water flooding anywhere in the kitchen or washroom or garden.
  • Temperature monitoring and alerts in case of abnormal temperature detection.
  • Using the Samsung water detector device, you can avoid the potential damage of your assets as it alerts the other smart connected devices and shuts down in case of emergency.
  • The product is accompanied by a long-life battery, Samsung smart things, manual, etc.


Samsung is one of the most renowned electronics brands. Hence, trust and quality never become an issue while buying a Samsung water detector or sensor. However, it is a bit costly compared to other water sensors in the market.

Summing Up

The smart home automation system devices such as smart water detectors do not seem to be a routine sensor for use. But in the times of waterlogging or leakage, it can help you save a lot of time and money. Above all, installing smart sensors can help your essential home assets from getting drained or damaged. Inquire more about best smart home devices by logging on to SpikeBot – Your next-generation smart home system in Ahmedabad, India.