Top 3 Smart Vacuum Cleaners For Smart Home

Top 3 Smart Vacuum Cleaners For Smart Home

Top 3 Smart Vacuum Cleaners For Smart Home

I am sure many of you are learning about the robot or smart vacuum cleaners for the first time. But yes, the smart vacuum devices are available to make your cleaning process more accessible and more robotic. With today’s blog post we are helping IoT home automation owners to get acknowledged with robotic vacuum cleaners that save your home cleaning activity time and give you ample of free time for pursuing your other essential activities.


What are Smart Vacuum Cleaners?

Well, smart and intelligent vacuum cleaners are also known as Roomba. It means the robotic system for cleaning the floor and furniture. The robotic vacuums are processed with an intelligent system feed that helps it to connect via the internet for performing the desired cleaning process (as per the model capacity). Your IoT based home automation system works with the help of Wi-Fi. Likewise, these smart vacuums also work with the use of internet connectivity.

Here the vacuum cleaner connects to the internet and the smartphone app. The entire cleaning process update is received on the application. Hence, on your smartphone, you can get the whole update and can manage the further tasks accordingly.


Advantages of investing in the Smart Vacuum Cleaners

There are many benefits of using the robotic vacuums, let me make it easy for you to read by listing it out like bullets.

  • Relatively easy to use and command
  • Saves a lot of time spent after cleaning the house
  • Works on different surfaces
  • The smart vacuums can detect all types of debris and dirt
  • Smart looking devices for smarter homes and offices
  • As per the model, you can set boundaries of cleaning the surfaces of different rooms.
  • Can be operated easily any time of the day or night for fast and efficient cleaning
  • Best during emergency cleaning
  • Highly recommended for families who are busy after work and kids


Top 3 Smart Vacuum Cleaners For Your IoT Home Automation System

Though many brands are manufacturing top-class and tech-friendly robotic vacuums in India and USA. We shall discuss the top three smart vacuum brands that, according to our tech-experts, are the best for your IoT based home automation system.

1.   iRobot Roomba

iRobot is one of the most tech-prominent companies in America. The brand has built many consumer robots that make lives more comfortable and more superficial. Thanks to their intelligence for designing and bringing forth the most convenient and smart vacuum cleaner- iRobot Roomba.

iRobot Roomba Smart Vacuum Cleaner


  • Helps to clean the house or surface with straightforward scheduling of tasks via a smartphone app
  • Quickly follows the voice command control via Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Manages to clean the home surface with visualization and localization feature by utilizing the iAdopt Navigation technology.
  • Running time 70-75 minutes
  • Auto-recharging feature for resuming to the cleaning process
  • The smart vacuum works with AeroForce cleaning system that loosens, lifts, and suctions the dirt with 5X air power.
  • The product is accompanied with tangle-free brushes
  • It is accompanied by a smart vacuum cleaner, battery, and battery charging cable


Once you download the iRobot Home App that is specially designed for making your IoT home automation system smarter with the robotic cleaning process, things get easy and quickened. One of the best smart vacuum cleaners for room to room cleaning process with the revolutionary AeroForce technology and iAdopt navigation. Investing in it is worth according to our experts

2.   Shark ION Robot 750

Shark Cleaner is one of the sets of the famous brand SharkNinja that is headquartered in Boston. Both the brands are focusing on the utility benefits for the end consumer. Shark Clean is basically the robot vacuum cleaner company that manufacturers smart vacuum cleaners and similar electronic devices. Let us discuss the features of the product.

Shark ION Smart Vacuum Cleaner


  • A perfect automatic vacuum cleaner for studio apartments, flats and tenement
  • Quickly locates and lifts the debris and dirt from the room surface including the dander, allergens, and hair
  • The product is enabled with smart sensor for navigating to floors and carpets.
  • Running time approximately 60 minutes
  • It has got one-touch activation with dual spinning side brushes
  • Follows the voice commands and controls via Amazon Alexa


The product is best known for its floor to carpet versatility. Even if you have a pet in the house, the stubborn pet hair is quickly captured by this smart vacuum cleaner—a perfect intelligent vacuum cleaner for your IoT based home automation system.


3.   Ecovacs Deebot N79s

The Ecovacs Robotics is a prominent Chinese company and is famous for it is incredibly tech-friendly in-house robotics like a smart vacuum cleaner. It has its headquarters in Suzhou, China. Let’s check the features of one of its very trending robotic vacuum machines, Deebot N79s.

Ecovacs Deebot Smart Vacuum Cleaner


  • Accessible to set up cleaning instructions
  • Follows Alexa voice commands and controls for cleaning the surfaces
  • Personalize and schedule the cleaning process as per the requirements.
  • The robot vacuum has inbuilt 5 smart cleaning modes
  • Smart motion for autocleaning feature
  • Cleans edges thoroughly when edging mode on
  • Performs a professional three-stage cleaning session


Very few smart vacuum cleaners fit your IoT home automation system requirements, and Ecovacs Deebot is just one amongst it. It is easily managed with Amazon Alexa, which makes your house cleaning task easier and simpler. The product is available on Amazon with free delivery option.


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Wrapping Up

For your IoT based home automation system, these above three smart vacuum cleaners fit the best. You can either order them online directly at Amazon store or can buy it from their official website. Adding the delight of smart devices in your smart home can make your life simpler and more comfortable.

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