Top 3 Smart LED Strips For Smart Home & Smart Offices

Top 3 Smart LED Strips For Smart Home & Smart Offices

Top 3 Smart LED Strips For Smart Home & Smart Offices

Often smart homes and smart offices or workplaces are looking for a complete automation system that can help them manage every bit of their house or office via voice commands or a smartphone application. Today we have discovered the Smart LED strips that act as best smart home gadgets during the festival times like Diwali and Navratri.

I’m sure that this is something new and novel hey because we’ve heard about a lot of smart products, but we’ve never come across hey smart home led strips that can also be operated via Alexa or Google Mini. So, with today’s blog, hey let us explore everything about these smart, colourful LED lights.


Introduction to Wi-Fi LED Strips

The use of LED strips is generally done by homeowners, office owners as well as restaurants, hotels, bar owners and club owners for enhancing the interior as well as exterior. Especially during the festivals, the use of LED strips is surged for making the entire ambience look colourful and lovely. LED series or strips are generally used in the exterior or around the staircases or near the temple of the house.

Smart home LED strips are Wi-Fi friendly and are easily operated via voice commands or smartphone mobile application. Commanding the on-off button or even changing the pattern or colour of the strips is possible by the mobile application.


Top 3 Smart LED Strips: Festive Best Smart Home Gadgets

Many brands sell smart LED series or strips online, including the HomeMate, Global Tech, amiciVision, Protium, Phlipton, etc. Let us explore the best three brands that manufacture and sell the Wi-Fi enabled LED smart strips.


1: HomeMate Wi-Fi Multicolour Smart LED Strip Kit

HomeMate is one of the renowned smart home automation brands that sells smart lighting systems and sensors, smart touch panel, smart door sensors, smart cameras, and smart security sensors. It helps your IoT smart home automation system with enhanced security and luxury. Let us discuss its LED smart strip-kit.

HomeMate Smart LED Strips


  • 16 million colours to choose from. Also, each of the strip colours is dimmable. The best-LED strip ever to make your home or exterior look stunning during the night-time.
  • Accompanied by remote control for controlling the light from anywhere, anytime.
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. Just say, Hey Alexa, turn on the LED lights, and it will be on for you!
  • Set timers for specifically turning on and off your LED smart strip lights. Schedule the lighting as per your convenience.
  • The strip can be extended for TV viewing experience.
  • Group control and individual control: Total two controls for managing the LED strips via a smartphone app.
  • The product is entitled to a one-year warranty period.


2: GlobalTech Smart Wi-Fi LED Smart Kit

Global Tech is a part of Eve Techno Solutions that sells smart home products, including the smart curtain controller, smart light controller, smart security system; Smart LED strips, etc. When you look for the best smart home gadgets, you must consider Global Tech products as well. Let us explore more about their smart Wi-Fi LED strip kit.

Global Tech Smart LED Strips

  • Three modes to turn on and off the LED strips: timer mode, remote control, and smartphone application control.
  • 16 million different colours with dimmable mode.
  • Works efficiently with Google Home and Amazon Alexa.
  • Sunrise and sunset- two auto-schedule modes that automatically turns on and off the LED strips.
  • Accompanies with both individual and group controls.
  • The smart LED strips can be used anywhere in the living room, around the TV, corridor, passage, walls, etc.
  • The product is entitled to a one-year warranty for any quality-related bugs or issues.


3: amiciVision Smart Wi-Fi Controller and LED Strip

amiciVision smart LED strips are sold by amiciKart, smart choice to shop online! The brand sells many smart electronic products, including the waterproof and non-waterproof Wi-Fi enabled LED series. Let us explore the features:

Amicivision smart led lights

  • LED lights with a protective coating
  • Strip lights control via a smartphone application
  • Amazon Alexa and Google Home compatibility
  • Light control from anywhere in the world.
  • The product also accompanies with timer function for scheduling LED strip light.
  • 16 million colours, save favourite colours, dancing with music feature, control sync by individual and group, etc.
  • The product accompanies with 30 days return policy.



All the three smart LED strips showcased here with the features and images are equally tremendous and splendid for your IoT smart home automation system. But if you wish to understand the final verdict according to our tech experts, then HomeMate is the best brand to invest your money. It is an Indian brand and offers a one-year warranty for the best smart home gadgets that it provides.

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