Top 3 Smart Curtains for Your Smart Homes and Offices

Top 3 Smart Curtains for Your Smart Homes and Offices

Top 3 Smart Curtains for Your Smart Homes and Offices

Technology has been upgrading quite rapidly, and we can easily map the gap in our luxury and lifestyle about a decade ago and now. 2020 has changed the way we look towards the world. Not only the pandemic, many things together has helped us to accept newer means of living and luxury. Talking about smart curtains, the motorized shades are now a crucial part of home automation solutions and office automation system.

What are Smart Curtains?

Just imagine you are home after a long and tiring workday. You have just entered the house and settle down. You turn on the television for a bit relaxation and find that the light from outside the windows is visible on the LCD or LED screen.

Usually, you would try to ignore turning off the window curtains and will bear with the television view, and when you finally give up with the same, you get up from the couch and turn off the windows.

How wonderful it would be, if you can turn off the curtains by merely saying, ‘Hi Alexa, please raise down the curtains.’ This is how the smart curtains for the smart home solutions are managed by the smart app as well as a voice command.

Smart Curtains for Smart Home and Office Automation System

Smart curtains are basically smart modules that are enabled with the help of internet connection. The digital curtains are accompanied with smart rods for easy and seamless motorization of the blinds or shades.

If you are already cherishing the luxuries of a smart home automation system then you will quickly love to integrate the smart curtains for your smart home solutions or office automation system. Let me explore the top 3 smart curtain picks for your smart residence or corporate office in 2020.

Top 3 Smart Curtains for Smart Home Solutions

1.   SpikeBot Curtain Device

When we refer to the best smart curtains for smart home automation system, we recommend SpikeBot Curtain Device.


  • Control the opening and closing of the curtains with a single click on your smartphone app with SpikeBot Curtain device.
  • SpikeBot Curtain device is a smart way to control the actions of the curtains of your home/offices using SpikeBot App.
  • The SpikeBot curtain device is set behind the switchboard that is used to operate the motor of the smart curtains.
  • Draw the curtains without getting up from the bed.
  • Any curtains can be easily motorized with SpikeBot Curtain Module.
  • Automated curtains are the best way to keep your essential conferences amid the rainy or a sunny day at your office.

Spikebot Curtain Device

Technical Specifications

  • Load1-For open curtain (For horizontal and vertical Blind)
  • Load2-For close curtain (For horizontal and vertical Blind)
  • Operating range: 110 – 270 V AC
  • SMPS output: 500mA at 5V DC
  • Communication Protocol: 2.4-GHz Zigbee IEEE 802.15.4Standard
  • Variants & Load Capabilities
  • Dimensions: 84 x 54 x 25 mm (suitable to fit in congested space behind Switchboards)


SpikeBot smart curtain device is one of the apt choices for your smart home solutions in Ahmedabad or Gujarat. It brings the ease of drawing and lifting the curtains from anywhere in the world via SpikeBot Smart Home App. The company is soon to launch Alexa voice control for raising and lowering the window and door curtains.

2.   Springblinds Motorized Shades

Springblinds motorized shades bring you different varieties to choose from while selecting the automatic curtains for your smart home or office automation system. It offers the following window shades to digital homeowners.

  • 3D Shadow Sheer/Silhouette Shades
  • Blackout Roller Shades Indoor and Outdoor Solar Shades ( 1% / 5% Openness Roller Shades )
  • Light Filtering Shades
  • Zebra Sheer Shades
  • EZRise & Free Valance Cordless Shades
  • Day & Night Dual Shades.


  • Motorized roller shade with remote control
  • Custom sizes and shades ensuring child safety
  • 9V inbuilt battery motor
  • Super silent and durable


Well, you can explore the different motorized shades on the official website of Springblinds and can also check out their installation guide online. The blinds are yet not operative with the help of any voice commands.

3.   Keego Roller Blinds

For enhancing the luxury of your smart home, Keego roller blinds are also one of the recommended smart curtains for your smart home solutions. The smart shades are readily available on Amazon with 10 days of the returnable policy. Let us explore the features.


  • Soft and warm fabric with RF 433 MHz remote control single channels and two channels
  • 100% blackout fabric and shades
  • Silent and durable
  • Mounting method can be customized
  • Raise and lower the curtains on the touch of a single button


You can easily click here for buying the Keego smart roller blinds online on Amazon. The smart curtains do not work with Alexa or any other voice control smart devices.

Summing Up

Well, if you are looking to buy smart curtains for your smart home solutions in Ahmedabad or Gujarat, you need to check with SpikeBot Curtain Device. It is both cost-friendly and readily available in the domestic market.