Top 3 Mesh Wi-Fi Routers for Your IoT Home Automation System

Top 3 Mesh Wi-Fi Routers for Your IoT Home Automation System

Top 3 Mesh Wi-Fi Routers for Your IoT Home Automation System

Many of us have heard about the standard Wi-Fi routers that we are using in our house or office. But very few are acknowledged with the benefits associated with the purchase of Mesh Wi-Fi routers. Indeed, it is an essential device to invest in your IoT Home Automation System.


What is a Mesh Wi-Fi Router?

The Mesh Wi-Fi routers are designed to cover each corner of your home or office with seamless Wi-Fi connectivity. It is incredibly best for your Home Automation System using IoT for connecting with the various installed best smart home gadgets.

In short, a Mesh Wi-Fi setup makes sure that there is no dead internet zone inside your home indoor or backyard or front yard. The different parts of your home are covered with a powerful internet connection via Mesh Wi-Fi.


Why Mesh Wi-Fi Routers for IoT Home Automation System?

Mesh Wi-Fi routers are best known for covering the different corners of your home or office with internet connectivity. Having a single Mesh Wi-Fi router is like installing 3-5 standard Wi-Fi routers. It is best known for covering the dead internet zones of your smart home automation using IoT and best smart home gadgets.

  • Mesh Wi-Fi is best for larger homes and offices. If your house or office is spread with more than 3000 square feet area- installing the Mesh Wi-Fi router is highly recommended.
  • IoT home automation system requires Mesh Wi-Fi router for connecting the various smart home gadgets with seamless connectivity.
  • The Mesh routers are best known for internet speed, internet coverage and elegant router design.


Top 3 Mesh Wi-Fi Routers for IoT Home Automation System

While you are planning to switch your standard router with Mesh router for enhancing the internet connectivity and coverage – you will come across many brands that are acclaiming to product the best routers. To make it easy and straightforward for you, we shall help you with the top 3 Mesh Wi-Fi router recommendations for your smart home automation using IoT.

Top 3 Mesh Wi-Fi Routers for Your IoT Home Automation System


1.   Google Nest

Google Nest has emerged as one of the prominent players for manufacturing the best smart home gadgets, including mesh Wi-Fi routers. The brand promises you to bring the best internet connectivity in each part of your home or corporate space without comprising with speed. Let us see the top reasons for us recommending you choose Nest Mesh Wi-Fi router for your smart home automation using IoT devices.


  • Built-in Google Assistant for voice command feasibility
  • Easy to set up and install
  • Accompanies with 4 antennas (non-removable)
  • Peak throughout: 2 Mbps
  • Delivers splendid internet connectivity and performance even within thicker walls.
  • Best for IoT smart home automation system and intelligent office
  • Covers 4,400 square feet of carpet area.


Google Nest is one of the most prominent brands for the best smart home gadgets. It is a bit costlier than other mesh Wi-Fi routers, but you will not regret installing it in your smart home or office.

Frequently Asked Question:

Have an old Google Wi-Fi at home?

Do not worry; you can connect the old Google Wi-Fi with the new Mesh Wi-Fi router and make it working and useful.


2.   Netgear Orbi

Orbi is a Netgear patented Wi-Fi tri-brand technology that serves the Wi-Fi market by developing excellent Mesh Wi-Fi routers. Mesh routers designed by Netgear Orbi are highly popular and exists in different model types. If you are planning to turn your home into IoT smart home automation system, investing in Orbi manufactured Mesh Wi-Fi routers can deliver many benefits.


  • Orbi offers best-in-class Alexa voice command compatibility
  • The system covers 5,000 square feet area of your house or office
  • It has inbuilt weather-proof satellite units for delivering excellent outdoor coverage. Playing Alexa music speaker will be great fun for your backyard parties.
  • Easy to install and use. User-friendly setup.
  • Pair it with a different home automation system using IoT devices for excellent security and parental controls.
  • Peak throughout: 552.1Mbps
  • Accompanies with 6 non-removable antennas


Netgear Orbi offers maximum internet coverage with its excellent mesh Wi-Fi router. Many people who have switched their offices to home during the pandemic have wonderfully set up the entire office plan using Orbi Wi-Fi mesh router.

Frequently Asked Question:

Does it get connected with Amazon Echo or Alexa?

Yes, it does!


3.   Linksys Velop

When you are looking for the whole-home Wi-Fi system with both great features and great price (reasonable), Linksys Velop is the right brand to check out the best mesh routers. Working from home or streaming 4D videos is extremely fun with Linksys mesh Wi-Fi routers. Indeed, your smart home automation using IoT devices can get excellent security and parental controls with different whole-home Wi-Fi models manufactured by Linksys.


  • Best known for delivering more speed, more coverage, and more capacity than any Wi-Fi technology introduced till date.
  • Accompanies with six non-removable antennas
  • Peak throughout: 527.1 Mbps
  • It offers a dedicated connection between best smart home gadgets
  • Clean and compact device design
  • Easy to set up and install. Quick five minutes guide for installation.


Linksys Velop whole-home Wi-Fi routers are best known for providing seamless internet connectivity for large homes irrespective of the area. You can easily find it on Amazon or its official website for placing an order online.

Frequently Asked Question:

Can I add the old and existing MX5 Velop to Linksys Velop whole-home Wi-Fi router?

Yes, you can.


Final Verdict

All the three brands that we have to recommend for buying your next Mesh Wi-Fi router have a considerable customer base. You can also check the reviews of the product by visiting the official website of the whole home Wi-Fi brands. We at SpikeBot IoT Home Automation System manufacture best smart home gadgets to turn your home into a smart home. Inquire more by logging on to our official webpage.


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