Tips for Choosing the Right Smart Door Lock for Your Smart Home

Tips for Choosing the Right Smart Door Lock for Your Smart Home

Tips for Choosing the Right Smart Door Lock for Your Smart Home

All our lives, we have been experiencing the standard door locks in our homes and offices. Be it anywhere in the world, we have been familiar with the various types of door locks. Now it’s time to get a bit friendly with the smart door lock system for the home. 

What is an automatic door lock system for a home?

An automatic door lock refers to the smart door lock that functions with the help of an electronic mechanism. The function of locking and unlocking the door is designed minutely by integrating with the smartphone application. The smart door sensor helps the smart door lock system integrate completely to perform various functions via the smartphone’s command.

How smart door lock system for home works?

Firstly, the smart door sensor functions for the successful implementation and process of smart keyless entry. At SpikeBot, we have our exclusive smart door locks that help integrate your house’s various doors with our mobile application. Locking and unlocking the doors become easy and smart using our SpikeBot mobile app.

SpikeBot Smart Door Sensor

Well, if you are choosing your home or office doors to go smart with keyless entry, here are some exclusive tips for you.

Shall we begin with smart tips for buying the best smart door lock system for your home or office?

1.   Study about smart door lock system for home

First and foremost is getting educated with the smart door lock systems. We have already explained above the introduction and functioning of smart door sensor or lock. Now it’s time to get acknowledged with the different types of smart door locks available in your city or town.

Our experts have picked the following top 3 smart door locks for your home and offices.

  1. Yale
  2. Godrej
  3. Kwikset

The mentioned automatic door lock system for home and office is designed to give the best security to your premises. For more features and technical specifications of these locks, you can visit their official websites.

2.   Study the smart door lock brands & compare

The next important thing is to compare the different smart door lock system for your chosen home. The comparison includes everything from features, warranty, quality promise to pricing.

SpikeBot helps you enjoy the privileges of the locking and unlocking of your door via smartphone by installing a smart door sensor using a 3V coin cell.

Technical Specifications:

  • Door/Window Open-Close
  • Sensing Response time <0.5 second
  • Battery Lifetime: up to 6 months
  • Power: 3V 620maH, CR2450
  • Battery Dimensions – 50x32x17 mm

3.   Check protocol: Bluetooth, WiFi and Camera Integration

While installing any automatic door lock system for the home, some important essential protocols include Bluetooth connectivity, camera integration, and WiFi support. These are the most crucial parameters to take care of while buying a smart door lock system for your home or office.

Camera integration is a vital element with exclusive features such as capturing the entry and exit of individuals. Here the camera and smart door sensor are integrated with the smartphone application. Every single movement is captured and notified on the smartphone application. Hence, you need to make sure your automatic smart door lock system for home provides third-party integration services.

4.   Door Lock Interactions and Command Support

There are multiple ways of interacting with the door locks. Smart door lock system for home or office can interact with the smartphone, remote control, and voice command support. The voice assistants like Alexa help you lock and unlock the doors by setting the right command for the same. It is again one of the extraordinary features of a few smart door locks and sensors.

SpikeBot Home Automation Door sensor 

SpikeBot smart door sensor is a door sensor that sends a text message to the user each time the door opens and close. It helps with perfect door time logs for assisting the user with updated indoor and outdoor entries. The sensor can be set anywhere, including the main door, bedroom door, office cabin door, backyard door, etc.

For home automation door locks, you can pick from the mentioned top three brands by our experts. Our smart door sensor is also highly advanced with smartphone integration to help you update with text notifications each time the door locks and unlocks.

You can get more information about our door sensor that sends text message by logging on to