The Urban Dictionary of Smart Devices For Office Automation System

The Urban Dictionary of Smart Devices For Office Automation System

The Urban Dictionary of Smart Devices For Office Automation System

Automation is bliss in many ways. The homeowners who have already installed the best smart home gadgets for switching their home into a smart home system are happy about their cost-cutting and convenience. The concept of office automation is quite comprehensive. Putting it into one sentence is not impactful. For the same, I am here to explain to you the urban dictionary of smart home devices for the smart office automation system.

What does a smart office refer to?

A smart office is equipped with smart IoT based devices and gadgets to help the owner with increased productivity and convenience. The smart devices are installed for the concern of office security and energy savings as well. As I told you earlier, the definition of the same can go quite lengthy. Still, if I must boil it down for your knowledge, then I can say that- smart office system refers to the smartest way of running an office or corporate building with the help of IoT based smart devices.

How does an Urban Office look Like?

An urban office has all the significant comforts for the employees and clients. It refers to having the best smart home gadgets installed in the office premises to enhance the performance, security, convenience, and efficiency. Some of the fantastic benefits of having a smart office automation system are:

  • Savings on energy consumption
  • Savings on energy bills
  • Enhanced safety of the office premises
  • Quite convenient working environment
  • Attracts more employees
  • Clients love it for attending meetings
  • Smart Pantry station
  • Control actions via Alexa, Google Assistant

According to the smart devices that are installed in your smart office, the definition of benefits can go long or short. So, you must be very apt in choosing the right IoT based devices for your office automation system.

What are the top smart office automation devices?

SpikeBot office and home automation system unveils the most desiring office or corporate automation devices that help you smartly manage your office. Here are a few lists of devices and sensors that can get well with your office interior.

1.   Smart Door Lock

A smart door lock sensor or system is something that every office must use for enhanced safety and logs. Yes, you read it right- ‘logs’. SpikeBot door lock integration work well with latest smart home locks that give you the keyless smart entry for your various office doors including main door, cabin door or conference room door.

Smart Door Lock Video

The keyless entry is integrated with SpikeBot smart home app that helps you manage the open and closure of the door with a single click. A password protection system accompanies the smart door lock system to ensure premium safety.

Above all, your smartphone gives you the history logs of the total number of the door opened and closed during an entire day. It helps your employees to keep a watch on their break time and ensures your office with good productivity.

2.   Smart Curtain Device

It is always a question to ask someone to open or close the curtains according to the daylight atmosphere. How about having an automated curtain device that helps you open and close the curtains of your office windows from your smartphone app?

SpikeBot smart curtain device is one of the best smart home gadgets that help you control the actions of your window curtains via a single click. Even during the meetings or conference, none needs to get up from the chair for drawing up or down the curtains. Just open the SpikeBot smart home app and control the actions of your smart curtains.

Smart curtain sensors help you with enhanced convenience in your office environment. It is indeed one of the must-have devices for your smart office automation system.

3.   Smart Lights

Nowadays, almost all the famous electronic brands like Philips, TP-Link and MI produces smart bulbs or smart lights for smart homes and offices. SpikeBot has got the best smart office sensors to help you control and manage the actions of various lights and bulbs in your office via the smart home application.

It not only includes the controlling of the on/off the lights and bulbs but also helps you to create different moods via the SpikeBot app that can be conference room mood, meeting room mood, break the mood, etc. You must take a tour of SpikeBot Mobile App for more details.

4.   Smart Camera Integration

For sure your offices must have CCTV camera, DVR, NVR, or IP Camera for automatic office surveillance. SpikeBot smart camera integration allows your camera with live streaming on your mobile phone and any other devices connected to it. Our camera integration sensors deliver human and animal notification alerts to the smart office owner’s smartphone if any movement is detected.

5.   Smart Gas/Smoke Sensor

Be it office or home, the safety of the premises matters the most. SpikeBot Smart Smoke Sensors send a notification alert on the smart homeowner’s application when any gas or smoke is detected in the defined premises.

Smart Gas Smoke Sensor Video

It is one of the most amazing devices to use for safeguarding your employees and assets. Indeed, such smart office devices help to prevent emergencies at the right time.

Would you like to make your office- smart and safe?

Installing a smart office automation system in your office or corporate premises deliver tremendous convenience and safety to you, your employees, your assets, and the entire environment of your office. Suppose you would like to have a demo of your urban office in Ahmedabad or anywhere in Gujarat or India. In that case, you must visit our website and schedule an online consultation with our smart office experts.

Believe us, and we have got the best smart home gadgets and sensors to uplift your office interior with IoT based intelligence and devices.