Top-8 Smart home devices can complete your dream to live in a smart home

Top-8 Smart home devices can complete your dream to live in a smart home

Top-8 Smart home devices can complete your dream to live in a smart home

We live in an age where everything is smart and automatic. Advanced city life and our routine work keeps us entirely occupied. Studying both the merits and demerits of the sophisticated city life; many brands came up with a highly feasible solution to make life easier and smarter. One such resolution and innovation is the ‘Home Automation System’. These smart home devices are designed to turn our homes into intelligent robotic brains that follow our command digitally.

Smart Home Infographic

What is ‘Smart Home’?

A smart home is a controlled home. A home that is easily managed with the help of a digital application or device. With the concept of the digital home, it is convenient to control your house and its appliances from anywhere. The idea of a smart home is laid for enhancing our lifestyle and making it more comfortable.

In the cities like Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Vadodara and Rajkot; the home automation system makes your home more classy and innovative. The definition is above comfort and is more about living a luxurious lifestyle.

Is your home a smart home?

Smart Home

Go Digital, Living a smart life with smart home devices:

To understand how smart homes make our life adventurous and innovative, you must get acquainted with the benefits of smart home products. A smart home is not a robot, but it understands your command as the robot does. The smart home is designed with electronic devices that have connectivity with the Wi-Fi to follow the commandments.

The following smart home devices make it together as a smart home:

  • Smart door & window sensor
  • Smart home remote control
  • Smart door lock
  • Smart AC and TV sensors
  • Smart sensors for electronic appliances
  • Smart curtain sensors
  • #7. Smart camera (security camera)
  • #8. Third-party integration sensors (Bulbs, Alexa, Google Home, etc.)

Smart Security Camera

A security camera works like your third eye. But a smart security camera is your third eye as you can continuously monitor your residence or office from your phone or another digital device. The smart home devices like the smart camera can be installed at various places in the house or office. It can be the right way to monitor your home especially when you have kids and pets in your house. However, people residing most of the town due to work can take maximum advantage of the smart home security camera.

Door and Window Sensors

A great home automation system does everything for you from a predefined distance. The smart home door and window sensors are controlled with a remote control or an application that can open or shut the doors and windows with a smart command.

smart home door

Smart door lock

The locking and unlocking of the doors can be easily managed with a smart door lock. The SpikeBot Door Lock has a high operating range along with temperature control for securing your valuables inside the house or office. Either it is a corporate office or a residential place, the SpikeBot door lock is a first choice for the real owners in Ahmedabad and Gujarat.

Smart Curtains

Many of us have experienced the smart curtain use in the five-star hotels or the best facility rooms of a smart hospital. Smart curtains are controlled with a remote control or a digital device that allows the curtain to an automatic rise or drop according to the command. One of the most innovative smart home devices for home automation system.

Smart Home Features

  • Control the house/office bulbs digitally. Save power when not in use.
  • Unlock your door with a smart click, it doesn’t matter where the keys are!
  • Turn on and off devices from anywhere using the internet.
  • Switch on the AC and let the room get cold before you arrive home.
  • Switch On the coffee maker straight from the bed

Smart Home Benefits

Survey says that smart home is a better way of saving electricity as you can turn on and off the devices that are not in use at the right time. Usually, a person doesn’t make an effort to go to another room for turning off the fan, light and AC leaving the chores in between. Smart home devices lead to power saving by controlling everything from a mobile app or remote control.

Home automation system generates more electricity power savings as you have the control of the entire house or the office electricity panel in your hand. It is more like turning on and off as per the requirement or usage.

Above all, smart home devices also help with enhanced security performance of your home automation system. You shall be able to stay more safe because of installing a smart security system like SpikeBot.

Wrapping Up

If you are looking for a quality home automation system across Ahmedabad, Gujarat or any other cities across India, you must log on to for more information. The brand offers 13 different types of home automation products in Gujarat for both residential and commercial use.