How to set up a voice-controlled smart home?

How to set up a voice-controlled smart home?

How to set up a voice-controlled smart home?


Imagine, you are coming back home after a tiring day at work and thoroughly exhausted. You just opened the door, threw your stuff aside, and jumped on your spongy sofa! Oops, you forget to turn on the Air conditioning or Fan!! What if I tell you that you can operate your home appliances with your voice commands?

YES!! You read it correctly. It is 2020 & this is possible.  How? By adapting or by accepting smart home automation using IoT. IoT based computerization framework is a sort of structure that deals with the issue of turning on/off electrical machines since when the customer needs to give voice request to control the gadget or electrical weights. The system is arranged in such a way customer can control all machines at once or can control each freely. Just like Amazon’s Alexa! It is also known as IoT based home automation concept.


Why you need IoT home automation?

The home mechanization is the future and significant aspect of a house. The home mechanization is exceptionally dependable in the framework for controlling house electrical machines. As innovations improve the home computerization framework is getting more brilliant and can direct certain undertakings consequently and self-sufficiently. The home computerization frameworks are practical and diminish the utilization of vitality of family and cut the expense of power bills. Initially, this concept was introduced to help the handicap & aged people, but it is a smart concept now.

Along these lines, eventually, you can say IoT home automation frameworks are utilized because they give wellbeing, security, accommodation, Savings in your valuable time, and convenient to budget. If your phone and yourself both are smart, then why not your home? You can make it possible by adopting a home automation system using IoT.

By executing an advanced innovation like IoT based home automation, not exclusively are you utilizing an asset to smooth out your home, you are likewise smoothing out your life.


Why you require a voice-controlled smart home?

  1. Consider a scenario where you are having a home date with your crush. You are preparing his/her favourite dish, and you are enjoying and setting up a romantic playlist, but your hands are as too untidy to even think about changing the current songs or to play some specific music! That is where IoT home automation comes into the picture, just a single order to the speaker, and the job is done.
  2. Forget about the change in the song, you just you overlooked his/her favourite dish, you can approach the gadget for a substitute adaptation of that dish and in a flash have an approach to spare your supper. It is about the accommodation; having the option to accomplish something on one side of the house and have the ability to impact what occurs on the opposite side of the house with only your voice.
  3. Visualize yourself in a situation where your kid or niece has just nodded off in your arms, and you have to diminish the lights and turn down the volume on the TV, smart home automation using IoT is the only way. & Many more endless situations are there in our day to day life which can be solved by having a home automation system using IoT.


How to set up a voice-controlled smart home?

To set up a voice-controlled smart home, you need to have installed the smart electronic devices in your home that are compatible with voice-controlled commands. You must buy home lighting systems, door sensors, window sensors, curtain modules, geyser, and AC sensors, etc. with voice-controlled compatibility.

Adding Voice Control With Alexa

  1. Login into the device and explore skills and games.
  2. Say, Alexa discover my devices
  3. Open the Alexa app and click on devices. Allow Alexa to scan devices on your home network for searching compatible devices that allow Alexa to manage it via voice control.
  4. You can also group the devices together under ‘IoT home automation’ and connect all devices under a single group.

Almost the same procedure is applied to set up a voice-controlled smart home system using Google Assistant and Apple Siri.


So, how to adapt this smart home automation using IoT?

You can make your home smart by using the SpikeBot product. Spikebot is an Ahmedabad based company that works in the niche of home automation. You cannot deny the fact that integrating with Spikebot your home will be turned into a smart home; not only home be it a hotel, factory, office they could turn them into smart also. Experiencing SpikeBot will make you forget the use of switches for any electrical appliance.  It manufactures and sells smart home sensors that make everything smart from light, air conditioners to even geyser.

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