Home Automation – 5 Reasons To Add A Smart Bulb To Your Smart Home

Home Automation – 5 Reasons To Add A Smart Bulb To Your Smart Home

Home Automation – 5 Reasons To Add A Smart Bulb To Your Smart Home

Smart lighting is a new trend for property owners for controlling lighting in their smart homes. It will improve security with voice commands and home connectivity. You can consider them as an energy-saving strategy, and it is also a great step into the world of the internet of things and home lighting automation. There are plenty of reasons available to add a smart bulb to your smart home. You can have a look at them to know the importance of smart lights.

Connectivity is an essential aspect of knowing the working of smart lights. The connection of the IoT devices, including home securities, is possible with creating an energy-efficient smart home. Smart bulbs are long-lasting LED bulbs that you can control from a remote area with voice commands. These are connected to Alexa, Google Assistant, and another smart home assistant. The following are the benefits available with choosing a smart bulb for the smart home.

Perks of the smart lights to your home automation

Smart bulbs can cost more in comparison to regular compact LED bulbs, but these are offering multiple benefits in the long run. It is the best smart lighting option available to conserve energy with different customization options. There is the availability of both fun and practical benefits with smart bulbs.

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Energy-efficient uses

The smart home lighting systems have LED bulbs instead of traditional bulbs. It is reducing the amount of electricity bill and save energy. These are the certified bulbs available that use 70 to 90% less energy than a traditional bulb. It is a great benefit available with choosing a smart bulb for your home automation service. The homeowners can consider it as a smart choice for saving energy and reducing electricity bills.

Longer life span

The average life of the traditional bulbs is around 750 to 2000 hours. In comparison to it, the smart bulb with LED lights can work continuously for 35000 to 50,000 hours. It results in a longer life span of the smart bulbs with Home automation. It is another excellent advantage available with choosing the smart lights for your home automation.

Enhances or increases the security

One of the best things that bright lighting provides is the motion detection feature. The bulb will automatically turn on and off when someone is in the room. It is a feature which is programmed to send notification and alerts to mobile devices when someone and an unexpected stranger enters your room. It is providing a high level of security both inside and outside of the home. You can consider it as an excellent choice to prevent theft and crimes in the smart home.

Easy to use light customization

Whether it is a residential property or commercial, there is a need to use smart home lighting control at set times. The smart bulb is preset to turn on when you come home from work. The advantage can be taken from a remote area to get lighting when you enter the home from work. It will automatically turn dim at the end of the night and turn off at the specified times. It is a great benefit available with using the smart lights in the smart home.

Enjoyable uses and options

The smart bulb is beneficial for both functional and fun. There are many settings available to change the color or alter a room more from bright to relaxing and romantic. You can change the color of the light according to your mood to have a stress-free experience. It is one of the best benefits available with using a smart bulb at your home automation services.


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Thus, these are the five reasons available for using the smart bulbs at your smart home. It will include both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-enabled bulbs to regulate them from your mobile phone. You can select the right bulb system that works the best according to your needs and requirements. Along with it, it is possible to make changes and alterations to your existing electrical system to have more benefits.