Five undeniably reasons to love home automation

Five undeniably reasons to love home automation

Five undeniably reasons to love home automation

Out of all the latest technical advancements, smart home systems are among the most trending and demanding improvement. Like, who doesn’t enjoy being able to remotely control IoT based home automation system with only a few clicks on their smartphones?

Apart from being so much demand, there is also a controversial debate about whether home automation is a privilege or a need. Today at Spikebot, we’re showing the benefits of smart home appliances and why everyone should love them.

Here are the reasons to love home automation

Wondering why should one invest in a smart home system? Well, here are the five beautiful reasons for living in a smart home with IoT based home automation system.

1.   Adopting IoT based Home automation provides safety.

Imagine a scenario where all the family members are at breakfast; what if your younger son is not sure that he has turned off her curling iron? What if your wife isn’t sure that she has switched off the oven after heating the breakfast?

Through the IoT Home automation system, you can remotely control all the household appliances and guarantee that all devices are turned off safely. One of the most incredible things about home automation is that it makes the home safe and avoids accidental explosions and other disasters.

2.   With IoT based Home automation, Security is Enhanced.

Smart door locks are one of the critical elements of the IoT Home automation system. We all know how much hurry we are in every morning to reach the workplace? But what if you realize that you forgot to lock the front door after an hour or so? Don’t worry at all. The automated door lock shuts down every time a person leaves the place.

3.   Having an IoT Home automation system gives you convenience.

This is one of the most commercialized advantages of Smart home appliances. Are you feeling lazy to waste some energy and turn off the lights by yourself? Now, with only a few taps on your cell phone, you can turn on/off lights. You can operate other appliances as well.

Even with smart home devices, it is easy to correctly set your living room temperature before reaching home from work.

4.   Save a handsome amount of time.

With IoT based home automation, you can dramatically reduce your household activities. Not having to run to the door any time someone rings a doorbell. Find out who’s at the front door on your mobile and open the door remotely or give directions on your smartphone.

Smart homes are now helping you save money. Your electricity costs are minimized when you can manually turn off the machines that you are not using.

5.   Having an IoT Home automation system cuts down the cost.

Nearly 48 percent of the average household’s energy consumption and expenses occur due to Heating and cooling. Home automation features such as smart lighting, smart thermostats, and other appliances help monitor electricity and reduce costs.

Get these home automation features for your House.

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