Exclusive Interview with Lenovo India CEO Rahul Agarwal on Home Automation System

Exclusive Interview with Lenovo India CEO Rahul Agarwal on Home Automation System

Exclusive Interview with Lenovo India CEO Rahul Agarwal on Home Automation System

In this age of Technical Advancement where everyone is much more interested in Automation, here comes a leap in the growth of various electronic products in multiple sectors. And yes the House Automation system is no less in this sector as well.

Considering the West has developed gradually be it the standard of living to the Smart Home despite infrastructure and connectivity problems as well. But all you can do is that upgrade by adding up some smart devices which will smarten up your Homes.

Here we had an interview with the CEO & MD at Lenovo India, Mr Rahul Agrawal, during the Launch of their smart device segment in India.
While our reporter asked that Do you think we Indians are frankly geared to have a smart6 Home, while especially when there are places in towns and villages where electricity is a dream for them?

Further Mr Agrawal replied that The country India and its vast expanse there are 1.3 Billion people and yes what we can able to do is that we could potentially divide into 15-20 parts itself into 15-20parts. Hence there is a segment in India that is very much Tech-savvy which is tech-enabled, and yes they are already on the technology path to some extent or the other itself. We have our target Audience and are much focused on them.

Do you think it will come as a Smartphone? It depends on the time, and it may take few years for the early adoption to become mass adoption because people mainly see such Smart homes enabling devices at their friends and since the prices comfort are down, we shall see adoption.

Smart Home products are the new trend which will enable your homes to be smart enough to follow the instruction. This all things have been powered by the futuristic Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Stuff which had completely changed all the dimensions of the IT industry. It had enabled many devices to be run over various voice commands.

What are the devices you intend on releasing?

What we think is that Lenovo’s formula is the same altogether everywhere we do “which is a combination of a few factors”.

The most advanced technology, the most durable devices, feedback is taken from customers to improve the usability and lastly value for money. I think these are the four things that have given us success in just about anything that we have done, and I think that will continue for smart devices too.


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