5 smart home devices you need to invest in 2021

5 smart home devices you need to invest in 2021

5 smart home devices you need to invest in 2021

It’s 2021 and if you are still in doubt of having an IoT based home automation, then here is a smart statistic for you.

Forecast of smart homes globally during 2017 to 2025 (Source – Statista)

This figure estimates the value of Smart Homes that will be sold in the global smart home market by 2025. The Digital Market Outlook predicts that by 2025, there will be 478,2 million smart homes in operation worldwide and will be using IoT based home automation.

Today, in this post, we will deliver the top 5 smart devices that you should not miss if you are still looking for an IoT based home automation.

5 smart home devices you need to invest in 2021

Having a smart home isn’t a brand-new idea. Though you may be unaware, recent advances in revolutionary home technology using IoT based home automation have allowed them to have a significant effect on almost every element of your house and the way you interact with it

Many modern technologies make common household tasks like lighting and heating/cooling your home more convenient and improve energy efficiency in IoT based home automation. Many of them, in particular, are upgradable and modular, allowing you to get a lot more use out of the gadget.

1.   Smart AC systems

Smart air conditioners, as opposed to traditional ones, let you control your home’s temperature using your smartphone.

In addition, they may be linked to smart home systems or voice assistants to enhance the user experience. To be considered smart, a smart air conditioning system must connect to the internet and therefore other devices.

While the ever-growing feature set of smart AC and IoT based home automation provides many advantages, one remarkable benefit is the ability of consumers to conserve energy.

2.   Automatic Curtain Devices

Put yourself in the shoes of someone who has just returned after a hard day at work. You’ve just walked through the door and made yourself at home. When you switch on the television to unwind, you’ll see that the light coming through the windows is reflected on the LCD or LED display.

While trying to avoid turning off the window treatments and putting up with a mediocre television view, you eventually give up and get off the sofa to do just that.

If you could lift the curtains only by asking, “Alexa, please lower the curtains,” that would be great. The smart app and voice command work together to control the smart home solution’s curtains. This is how it is done.

Smart curtains are essentially IoT based home automation devices that are activated with an internet connection. The digital curtains are paired with smart rods for simple and smooth motorization of the blinds or shades.

Electronic gadgets, such as smart, automated curtain controls, enable you to operate all of your home’s blinds with the push of a single button.

3.   Smart Geyser

After a long day, there’s nothing like a hot water bath to relax in. It relieves tension and bodily pains while also reviving you for the day ahead. You have to get up in the cold mornings because it makes you want to.

Hot baths are popular all over the globe because of their health benefits and their ability to alleviate a variety of illnesses. Additionally, it aids in maintaining a healthy and active metabolism. Obviously, in the dead of winter, going to the toilet without a geyser becomes almost impossible.

Talking about IoT based home automation, Electric geysers, operated through a smartphone app and Wi-Fi-enabled models, are very convenient. Getting up early and heating water on the stove or induction will be a thing of the past. It would just take a few minutes if you went directly to your bathroom.

4.   Smart Doors Sensors

Smart door sensors are battery-operated wireless door sensors as a part of IoT based home automation. It’s attached to a door or window so that it may be controlled digitally. It’s simple and fast to put in place on your front door.

Even if you’re not at home, you can keep an eye on your kids and elderly relatives by installing the SpikeBot smart IoT door sensor in your smart house. A smart camera can be placed directly next to the door entrance for full security and protection of your family, and it records every action.

5.   Automate Switch

Well, you can Improve your system and automate it by using your current wall switches with little wire changes. In a hurry, sometimes we forget or cannot remember that we have to turn off the switch of particular light or fan – then Automating switch using IoT fundamental is the key.

The term ” IoT based home automation” refers to creating an Internet-connected smart, automated system for a house that controls home appliances, security systems, lighting, entertainment systems, and temperature.

In Conclusion

So, we have picked our top 5 smart home devices you need to invest in 2021.  Iot based home automation has so many advantages, such as savings on bill and energy, increased home security, controlled all functions remotely, and much more.

If you want to transform your house into a smart home using IoT based home automation, contact [email protected] for all your solutions in a single place.