3 ways how your smart home security gets more sophisticated

3 ways how your smart home security gets more sophisticated

3 ways how your smart home security gets more sophisticated

Protection is our utmost priority being a human. Who doesn’t get loved to be protected and have the feeling of being the same? Then why not have protection for our home? Like every person has their level of security when it comes to their loved home. But with the introduction to smart home automation using iot, the way we see intelligent home security has changed drastically.

Technology has fundamentally altered our method of securing our houses. What was once only conceivable in Sci-Fi movies is increasingly becoming a fact. The internet era has found its way to our households.

 Your internet-enabled gadgets—smart TVs, surveillance cameras, home automation door locks, game consoles, smart thermostats—can bring a degree of comfort to your existence. Still, they can also make your house and connected devices insecure. That’s why it’s critical to have a security plan to protect smart home devices.

For example, cyber hackers get into your home by hacking your smart home camera and keeping an eye on your personal life by watching it on their monitor. If you possess a smart home system, your Safety and protection could be at risk. Consider the following examples.

  • What if a cyber-criminal had connections to your smart thermostat to find out whether you’re home or away from home?
  • What if anyone has access to knowledge that you’ve exchanged with your digital assistant—those voice-activated speakers like Amazon Echo or Google Home? You could have exchanged passwords or financial records. It should have been revealed.

Several smart home security devices such as smart door sensors and smart smoke detectors (to prevent fire hazards).

According to the stats of Statista, as of 2019 – about 70 percent of consumers worldwide believe that utilizing smart devices at home allows things simpler. In contradiction to that, the lowest 34% was of Safety. So, that could be interpreted that people still believe smart home gadgets require Safety.

Seven ways how your security system is keeping your smart home safer than ever

Many house owners do not want to go through all the fuss of modern automation configurations. Don’t worry – we’ve collated the most straightforward and most cost tech tips that significantly reduce the susceptibility of your smart devices to hackers.

1.   Find the balance between the advantages vs. the vulnerability.

When you are doing smart home automation using iot, find the right balance between the device’s vulnerability and its benefits. Do your homework for every device and major brand available in the market.

2.   Have a secure Wi-Fi connection

Buy a router from a trustworthy brand and obey the manufacturer’s directions to change the network name and the default password. Choose a network name that does not immediately have the position or personal information.

It is also possible to build a separate Wi-Fi network exclusively for your smart home gadgets. Most routers allow you to make several networks with their username password.

This way, breaching your IoT system would confine the perpetrator to one network and hold it isolated from your banking and store your private details.

3.   Do not underestimate the power of strong passwords.

It’s unbelievable that the traditional, outdated login scheme remains the first line of security securing our most high-tech gadgets. Please take your credentials responsibly!

When you get a new device, update your default password instantly. Otherwise, the password for your Wi-Fi network or smart camera maybe just a search away.

What gadgets are used in implementing a smart home security system

Here are the top 3 gadgets for smart home automation using iot.

1.    Smart Home automation door locks

New technology has turned the conventional door lock into a smart lock-a gadget that helps you to unlock and shut the door without a key. This home automation system improves protection by:

  • Keyless entry to
  • Detection of the consumer
  • Automated monitoring of other devices around your home
Smart Home automation door locks

Automation door locks help you upgrade your home protection system by enabling you to enter, track and secure your property without using a key. Such devices use smart door sensors.

2.   Smart Smoke Detector

Your house is among the most valuable things you will ever own; it’s essential to take the required safety measures to protect you and your family.

Smart Smoke Detector

One expenditure that gives several benefits is the implementation of a smart smoke detector.

  • Faster detection of Fire
  • Notification and Alerts
  • Reliability etc.

3.   Smart Camera system for home

Home security cameras enable households to monitor their home from nearly any place at any given time. Installing a smart camera is a wise decision for various purposes, and here we’ve outlined a couple of the most significant ones below.

  • Insurance Benefits
  • Check on your valuable things.
  • Deterring criminals
  • Aiding the police

Wrapping Up

So, there are enough discussions and information on security for smart home automation. If you have specific smart home devices or are putting your first step into the smart home concept, get our excellent services to get secured your gadgets and gizmos.

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