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Have you been wondering how to make your home safe for yourself and your loved ones? Meanwhile, are you bitten by the smart home bug and want to transform your traditional home into a modern smart home? We, at Spikebot are here to help you.

The answers to both of these questions are the same and that might surprise you. You should get smart LPS gas and smoke detectors to make your homes or other habitable places safe and transform it into a modern smart home and places respectively.

Why do you need a smart smoke detector sensor system?

  • The smart smoke detectors from Spikebot can detect LPS gas leak, smoke in your living space without your direct and personal involvement.
  • Once the smoke is detected, the Internet Of Things or IOT smoke detector can alert you with a notification on your smart device.
  • Once alerted, you can act or reach out to your loved ones to act in case you are far, or even alert the respective authorities for assistance.

Thus, you can save yourself, your loved ones and your valuables.

Benefits of smoke detector sensor system:

  • They are easy to integrate in your traditional home without any changes to original electrical circuitry or need additional accessories.
  • IOT smoke detector from Spikebot can detect LPG gas leakages thus making them more important and a necessity in all households.

So, reach out to our experts at Spikebot if you have any questions or concerns right away. We will be able to help you with all the relevant information and help you to make that purchasing decision.