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A smart home requires the best smart devices to make it smarter and better. We have always been discussing the top smart home devices to help you understand the various elements for the functioning of your smart home and smart office solutions. Today, we are introducing with the smart thermostats for smart home that are an integral part of your living premises.

So, shall we discuss?

What are Smart Thermostats?

Smart thermostats are installed for enhancing the functioning of your smart home by controlling the heating and air conditioning of the home or office. The smart thermostats are connected via Wi-Fi of your smart home/office. These tiny looking devices help the smart homeowner to save money on electricity bills by controlling the heating and cooling of the devices as per the need.

How Does Smart Thermostat For Smart Home Help You Save Money?

The smart thermostats are integrated with intelligent features that help it to learn the pattern of your smart home or office for setting the required heating and cooling temperature. It also helps with the scheduling of smart home devices like a heater and air conditioner. These digital thermostats can also help the smart owner by diagnosing the issues or maintenance of the devices from time to time.

market overview of a smart thermostat.

Top 3 Smart Thermostats for your Smart Home Automation System

Various brands are manufacturing smart thermostats for smart home and smart office solutions. We shall help you understand the features and bottom line of the top 3 smart home thermostats as per our experience and research.

1.   Nest Learning 3rd Generation Thermostat

Google’s smart home products are highly desirable. They are inbuilt with the best technology to turn your homes and offices smarter. Google Nest learning 3rd generation thermostat is one of the powerful thermostats for installing in your home or office. It has got a lot of features to offer numerous benefits. Above all, it is a stylish looking product that fits comfortably on the wall.

Nest learning 3rd generation thermostat

Source: Energy Vanguard


  • Learns the favourite temperature settings of your smart home system
  • Saves electricity bills by controlling the heating and cooling temperature
  • Works with Alexa voice command
  • Auto-scheduling feature
  • Home away assistance feature that turns off the AC and heater when no one is home
  • Remote control flexibility
  • Timely alerts and reminders for keeping homeowners updated
  • Energy history review and report
  • Protects or home or office during an emergency. Automatically turns off gas furnace detecting carbon monoxide


Google Nest learning 3rd generation smart thermostat for smart home automation system is one of the best thermostats available in the market. It is incredible features, and smart home compatibility helps you save a lot of money on electricity bills every month.

2.   Honeywell Touchscreen Smart Thermostat

Honeywell is a renowned smart home devices brand that manufacturers best smart products for transforming the world inside your house or office. The Honeywell touchscreen smart thermostat is one of the fantastic devices to help control the indoor heating and cooling of your smart home. Let us discuss the features below.

Honeywell smart thermostat


  • Customize the touchscreen colour as per the interior of your house or the wall colour
  • Easily fits on the wall
  • Compatible with Alexa voice commands
  • Allows remote access through a tablet, smartphone, or desktop
  • Password options for maintaining the security
  • Choose the programmable mode for saving annually on energy consumption for both heating and cooling temperature.


If you are looking for a smart touchscreen thermostat that enhances or complement the interior of your house, then Honeywell smart thermostat for smart home is a perfect choice. It is readily available online and requires a simple setup. A must for smart home automation system in India.

3.   Ecobee Smart Thermostat

Ecobee is one of the renowned smart home automation system companies headquartered in Canada. The brand is best known for developing smart home thermostats, smart home cameras, smart home sensors, etc. We shall discuss the latest Ecobee smart thermostat that is listed in our best smart home devices 2020.

Ecobee smart thermostat


  • Meets the highest standard of home comfort and energy savings
  • Home away alerts during sudden temperature spikes or drops
  • Allows the homeowner to enjoy the vacation by setting vacation mode for energy conservation.
  • Preheating and cooling mode for helping you stay comfortable
  • Ecobee thermostat model is also available with voice control


Ecobee is one of the compact smart home thermostats for your smart home and smart office solutions. If you do not require the voice command option, then the same model is available with Ecobee lite thermostat. You can either buy it online or by visiting the official website.


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