Top 2 Alexa-Enabled Robotic LawnMowers

Top 2 Alexa-Enabled Robotic LawnMowers

Top 2 Alexa-Enabled Robotic LawnMowers

The grass cutting can be very relaxing. It can do anyway, at least once in a while. But now more or less with us in the spring-if you look long enough, you can see the lawn rise-tweeting it every couple of days will become a royal back pain. This is where the smart robotic Alexa enabled lawnmowers comes into the limelight. These robotic mowers are just like the robot vacuum cleaners or any other best smart home gadgets, from which they take some of the technology and design components, these robotic lawnmowers will enhance your life a lot by cutting down a lot of efforts.

You are not going to see them in the routine life of a person in the United States. Still, this best is one of the best smart home gadgets becoming extremely popular around the world – one survey predicts these smart robotic mowers revenues will be more than 2 billion dollars.


What is a Robotic Lawnmower & How it works?

Alexa enabled lawnmowers are similar to robotic vacuum cleaners, but here it is used explicitly for mowing the lawn. They are exceptional but very costly – even a lot more than the conventional mover. But the ease it brings makes it one of the best smart home gadgets.

Robot mowers can be completely independent after their initial set up. Usually, it is not essential to turn them on or look at them, and no push is needed, of course. The timing machine may be arranged often, cut the grass and re-load its battery ready for the next cut.

Some function by making a map of the lawn to make sure it does not hit the margins. Much of the time, when chopped, do so at random, and it may sound like the mower wipes out, but the good ones will not pause until each inch of the grass is chopped.

Now, let us talk about information which brings your attention to how Alexa enabled lawn movers works and which are the top-class pieces of equipment in this niche.


1.  Best Smart Home Gadgets: Husqvarna Lawn Auto mower

In early 2019 the company announced their big-league machine Husqvarna 435X AWD which is one of the Alexa enabled lawn movers, of course.

It’s faster to charge, with 30 minutes between mows and higher gradients, up to 70 per cent. The all-wheel-drive solution and the pivoting design have the edge, giving you control over your turf as ever.

Husqvarna Lawn Auto mower

Husqvarna claims that the 435X AWD would set the robotic mowing requirements. The AWD 435X could be the ideal all-in-one option if you had an impossible garden that required several things, from string cutters to press mowers. It also has advanced protection characteristics, including a device that slows the 435X when captured or transformed, and an object recognition feature that decreases speeds when anything gets closest to it.

The 435X AWD includes various optional accessories, including white and orange replacement top covers and brush kits to keep the rollers clean. Finally, a charge will last for a hundred minutes.

But the voice-enabled features is the focal point, to be honest.

This Alexa enable lawnmower can understand cues in English, German, French and Swedish language. Oh Yes! Technology at its best.

You can arrange the mowing times using Alexa, so just with a voice command, it will mow lawn satisfyingly. It will be raining or shining, and the Nordic atmosphere is designed to cope.

Finally, you are mindful of the safety features of the automated shutdown while your tilt sensor is off. In the one side, it means that it can avoid running through football. In the other side, the kids’ fingertips will always be.

It may be trapped in twenty exits once, whether as above, or by misguiding its parking, but this is your ideal robot mower. Do not get funny feelings about our taking. Remember, it’s alarmed.

Highlighting Features

  • Fast charge it up
  • Shut-off automatic
  • In-built mock warning
  • GPS Enabled
  • Longer run time (100 minutes)
  • Reduced Noise level (64 dB)


2.  Best Smart Home Gadgets:  Robomow, robotic lawnmower

Robomow RS612 is a robotic lawnmower newly launched that is loaded with one lot of functionality – and I mean A Lot. The Robomow RS612 is developed with a smaller lithium battery and smaller brushed engines.

Not only that, but the Alexa Smart home Capabilities also come with the Robomow RS612, which means you can get it cut with accessible voice commands from your lawn.


This smart robotic mower has a rugged and modular design which makes it capable of tackling various size lawns. Also, the architecture helps the device to comfortably accommodate all forms of turf, including dense turf from St. Augustine.

This robotic lawnmower operates at reduced noise levels, with a maximum noise level of 72 ~ 74 dB in its peak power configuration and just 66 dB in ECO mode. This mower is also fitted with onboard raising sensors, onboard tilt sensors and onboard bump sensors, and an emergency stop button to stop the robot when users press it.

One thing lag or which is lesser attractive is the battery – Nearly 50 to 70 minutes of run time and a high charging time of about 90 to 110 minutes.

This smart robotic mower originally came with everything you need in your yard to mount it, so you never have to purchase additional accessories.

Highlighting Features

  • Anti-Theft
  • Unique Edge mode
  • ECO Mode
  • Fast and Easy setup


Final Verdicts for selection

No doubt both are the best smart home gadgets, and both are Alexa enabled lawnmowers, but when it comes to selection, The Husqvarna Lawn Auto mower is preferable. The Alexa enabled law mover has got some excellent features, but it is quite expensive, so if the cost is the decision-making factor for you to go for the Robomow.