Top 3 Smart Ovens For Your Smart Home Kitchen

Top 3 Smart Ovens For Your Smart Home Kitchen

Top 3 Smart Ovens For Your Smart Home Kitchen

Yes, smart ovens are definitely a thing now, and it does exist. For those who were wondering that wish they could appoint an AI kitchen assistant for following their cooking orders- here you go! Now, your home automation system using IoT has got smart ovens to make your kitchen smarter and your ideas more innovative while cooking. With today’s blog, we will explain to you the main features of the top three smart ovens that do exist in the world! Finally, thanks to technology!


Top 3 Smart Ovens For Your Home Automation System Using IoT

We have got three options for your smart home automation using IoT for making cooking an exciting and tech-starrer job! All these ovens are readily available for sale online and hence, getting their purchase links will not be a difficult job as well. Here we go!

1.   Amazon Smart Oven: A certified for human device

The smart countertop ovens are way different and brilliant than the standard conventional ovens that most of us have inside our kitchen. The Amazon smart oven is best known for performing all the tasks that are carried by your conventional ovens and even more other baking and cooking tasks with a wise voice command. Yes, it means you do not need to operate it manually- the cooking and baking are done via your voice command. All you need to say is, ‘Alexa preheat the oven please!’

Amazon Smart Oven

Amazon Smart Oven Features

  • Technical Features: 4 in 1 microwave, food warmer, conventional oven and air fryer
  • Easy to set up with 30+ built-in presets
  • Accompanies with a temperature probe for best cooking instructions.
  • Able to understand voice commands by Alexa via an Amazon Echo device like Echo Dot.
  • Alexa notifications when the dinner is ready to serve.
  • Alexa scanner for scanning the different packaged food recipes before cooking it.
  • Space is not an issue with this luxurious smart oven; it can roast up to 5 pounds chicken!
  • Size and dimensions: 21.73 * 21.38 * 12.83 inch

Amazon Smart Oven Alexa Setup

Just say Hey Alexa, Bake Salmon


2.   Tovala 2nd Gen Smart Oven

Tovala countertop Wi-Fi oven is a smart choice for your home automation system using IoT. It gives a whole new experience to your cooking routine by scheduling the tasks via your smartphone application. So, if you are wondering about buying a smart steam oven for your smart home automation system using IoT- check out the following features of this second-generation smart steam oven by Tovala.

Tovala Smart Oven

Tovala Smart Steam Oven Features

  • Accompanies with five cooking modules, i.e. steam – bake – broil – reheat and toast.
  • Control the smart oven via your smartphone. You can set the cook function and time from your smartphone and allow the tovala smart steam oven to follow the instructions.
  • Get cooking notifications on your smartphone when the food is ready to serve!
  • Accompanies with the library of chef’s recipes to make your cooking more exciting and more accessible. You can bake and cook your favourite recipes by following instructions from your smartphone.
  • Scan and cook the groceries without having set the temperature or mode.
  • The smart steam oven by Tovala offers nine kitchen accessories utterly free along with its purchase. It includes measuring cap, sheet tray, drain tray, hot pad, oven rack, quick start guide, crumb tray and steamer cover.
  • Size and dimensions: 18.5 * 12.32 * 11.75 inch


3.   June Life 2nd Generation Smart Oven

June Life is an exclusive food recognition smart countertop oven that helps you cook your favourite dishes via Alexa voice command. It cooks 35% faster than other convection ovens and is considered an ideal choice by home automation system using IoT owners. Let us explore the features.

June Life Smart oven

June Life Smart Oven Features

  • Inbuilt food thermometer technology for helping you cook more accurately and precisely.
  • Easily replace the convection oven, toaster, dehydrator, air fryer, broiler and slow cooker with its 35% faster-cooking capability.
  • Accompanies with 200+ smart chef developed cook programs.
  • The oven is best known for recognising food with its built-in HD camera.
  • Works seamlessly with June Life smartphone app. Cook from anywhere by instructing the oven via your smartphone app or Alexa voice command. Yes, it works with Alexa!
  • Size and dimensions: 12.75 * 19.6 * 19 inch

June Life Oven Features

Just say Hey Alexa, Roast Chicken



Smart ovens are the smart need for your home automation system using IoT. When you plan to makeover your kitchen from a routine kitchen to a ‘smart kitchen’- the cooking appliances need to be smarter and wiser like Amazon Smart Oven, Tovala Steam Oven and June Life 2nd Generation Oven. These ovens are readily available for purchase on your favourite Amazon online store. I guess October to December is the best time phrase to buy because of the falling festive season and offers.

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