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Nishith Mehta

The SpikeBot moods feature has changed my living experience in my home. I can control the operation of multiple electronics appliances with just a single tap on the app.

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IDo design studio

Automated my office without the hassle of extra wire and tangles. With SpikeBot I got the control of my office into my App

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Bhavin Mehta

The Spikebot team was over-the-top committed to ensuring that the installations were up to the mark. You can’t beat Spikebot for both quality and customer service.

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Kishan Patel

Very happy that I proceeded with the Spikebot devices they are very reliable, everything works as promised and I love our new lighting control

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Jeet Parikh

Thanks, Spikebot team! I can now control all the smart devices in my home and my office using a single application.

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Aditya Soni

For someone who is not that big on technology also loves being able to have control of the home at fingertips. I would recommend Spikebot Home automation to anyone looking

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