How Smart Home makes it easier to cope up with Lockdown trauma?

How Smart Home makes it easier to cope up with Lockdown trauma?

How Smart Home makes it easier to cope up with Lockdown trauma?

Lockdown amidst the recent situation when the world is facing the biggest crisis of the century so far. A “Pandemic” named COVID-19, which has enforced all of us to stay back home and manage things within the boundaries. It may sound obscene, but the work and other things have suffered over time, especially when you do not have a smart home.

What problems are being faced in Lockdowns?

Decisions about calling off the operations are praiseworthy. Let it be WHO, or the people of the country; Decision has been accepted and followed. But, the more significant issue lies within the home. The uncompromised deliveries at work, children’s education, or killing the boredom, everything poses a profound challenge in itself. All of this can be well-managed, and the problem can be eased out if a thorough soft home system is installed at first.

How Smart homes turn to be lucrative? offers premium smart home equipment which makes things more comfortable as you continue to take care of your work while being at home. Here is how we turn ideas upright for you;

Get Spikebot Installed to control your kid’s TV

Kids enjoy watching television to its fullest. Let it be, a movie they have been luring for since a long time, or their cartoon movies. However, excess watching can hamper their eyes. Getting Alexa installed can help you control it as and when you want. Work on the schedule when you want them to watch and change it to their online classes so that they can learn along. Smart bot Supports Alexa/Google home for a premium experience as you clear up the piles of files at work.

Control who peeks in with Spikebot Camera;

9/10 people have their mind oscillating along with things happening back at home. You can turn relaxed with Spikebot camera, as it covers each nook and corner of your home and gets you an insight of who peeks in and what goes around within as you continue to clinch deals for your business.

Get control of lights and fans with smart remote

Smart Remote from Spikebot is another excellent home automation device which can bring control on your fingertips. The constant bugging of kids and all can be controlled, Compatible with 3rd party IoT devices, this is a revolution when it comes to taking control of your premises without being physically present.

Install a smart lock for the safety of your family as you work in the study

Kids will always be kids; you cannot stop them from messing up things. But, in case you don’t want to spend hours, again and again, watching for their chores, then installing a smart home door lock will do wonders for you.

In short home automation system, can turn beneficial as you continue to earn along with keeping things right on the place. Spikebot is the last name when it comes to buying smart devices to manage things on your behalf.