Smart Lighting to Embrace your Home Automation System

Smart Lighting to Embrace your Home Automation System

Smart Lighting to Embrace your Home Automation System

In recent times, many trends have come with the rise of technology, even for homes. Initially, if we see there were trends of popcorn ceiling or everything of granite. However, some phenomena are becoming the new norm, and the current one seems to be here to stay in the concept of smart home, especially home lighting automation.

If we talk about the greatest innovation of the 19th century, that’s a light, changing the way we used live and lighting our homes even more quickly. Moving on to the 21st century, you can see an advancement in architecture and technology that appeared unlikely at one stage for conventional light bulbs. It looked that they couldn’t get any better through these developments—that is, before smart lighting came along. This somewhat-new concept is known, but what’s a smart home lighting system?

What is smart lighting in general terms?

Smart lighting is a progressive way to decorate your house.  You can operate and control your entire home lighting systems from your smartphones. In this home automation lighting control system, the Smart LED bulbs and other lighting devices are integrated with sensors and softwares operated through the application.

Smart Lights in Home Automation

What can smart light do?

When you see a smart light, it seems like a normal light. But for it to work, you need a smartphone, a tablet, or a mobile system of some kind. In most cases, you need smart lighting control systems that helps you run the entire lighting system seamlessly. Almost all smart home lighting control use networking protocols such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

on the other hand, Smart lighting, gives you much more power than normal lights. They’re still attached to your home battery. Yet, any intelligent bulb and LED-integrated fixture let you monitor and control it wirelessly using Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or your smartphone.

Here is an interesting stat for Home lighting Automation

Here is an interesting stat for Home lighting Automation
Smart lighting market size worldwide from 2016 to 2023 (Source – Statista)

According to the stats published by Statista, the Global revenue of the Smart home lighting systems is projected about 105.28 USD.

Change in look of your home after implementing smart lighting the difference in regard of your home

Here are the few ways by which the home lighting automation system can impact your home.

1.   Aesthetic Value

Lights that shine at a complete 100 percent level of intensity can seem to be the perfect level to light your home—maybe if you’re trying to find a loose change in the pillows of your sofa. Lights set a lighter intensity to make the interior of your home look better.

2.   Safety aspect

Home automation lighting control systems can be programmed to turn on and off automatically, making the house look busy—and less attractive—to burglars.

3.   Personality

Much as a fresh coat of paint can add life to space; a smart home lighting system can transform dull houses into spectacular masterpieces.

Benefits of Smart home lighting control system

The best smart home lighting systems save cost, save electricity, longer life than basic lights, and offer customization options.

1.   Energy Savings

You can save a lot of energy, particularly when using LED lights with thermostats. Often you don’t need maximum exposure from a light bulb, and the dimmer will minimize energy consumption to reduce your power bill.

Besides, it would be best if you even switched off the lights that you are not using. There’s no point in lighting a room when no one is in it (except for security reasons) because these lamps should switch off themselves.

Smart Hoe Lighting Benefits
Benefits of Smart home lighting control system

2.   Long Life

The typical incandescent bulb has a lifetime of between 750 and 2,000 hours. On the other hand, smart LED lights will operate for 35,000 to 50,000 hours, making the lights last longer. The power of smart home lighting systems.

3.   Adjustable colors as per occasions

This wasn’t always considered as the benefit of smart lighting when you use LED bulbs. This isn’t just a joke. Changing colors can help when you’re reading or watching a film or having a small gathering at home. Some stains can minimize eye pressure and enhance sleep efficiency. And that’s not half of it. Blue lighting can boost your mood, particularly during the winter months when cloud cover is impermeable and the sunlight is frightening.

Smart Lights: Adjustable colors as per occasions
Adjustable colors as per occasions

Choose the best home automation service provider.

Smart bulbs are widely popular in homes and businesses and are appreciated for their energy efficiency and flexibility. When paired with Home automation lighting control systems like Constellation Link, smart lights allow you the ability to customize your glow to suit your personal needs.

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So, when it comes to the home’s smart lighting system, there are several options available around you. And the way things are represented in the world of advertisement can influence your decision.

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