Smart Camera Vs. Traditional CCTV: What’s The Major Difference?

Smart Camera Vs. Traditional CCTV: What’s The Major Difference?

Smart Camera Vs. Traditional CCTV: What’s The Major Difference?

In recent times, estate holders are investing in smart cameras instead of traditional CCTV. An eye over the entrance is possible for the estate holders with a smart camera. CCTV camera has been around for business and public places. In today’s times, the average of smart mobile phones is increasing as they are more potent than traditional CCTV cameras. SpikeBot Camera is a smart camera that has artificial intelligence to keep an eye over different places.

 There are human notifications for the detection of human and animal entrance in the security cameras. The installation of the camera is the best idea to have a watch over the home. SpikeBot also provides the facility to start the live streaming to have the desired results. When a human and animal is recorded, then the camera will save the before and after movement. It is not possible with traditional CCTV cameras.

You can install the camera both indoor and outdoor to have the desired results. There is no requirement to install a separate camera after the smart camera. The recording of external movement is also great to offer benefits to the people, and the working of the camera is along with low bandwidth. The main benefits of the smart camera are listed below. You need to have a look at them to know their importance over CCTV cameras.

Benefits Of Smart Camera Over Traditional CCTV

The following are the benefits of the smart camera for residential and commercial places. You should collect the information about them to have proper protection and safety.

1. Smart lighting and shading control 

The smart cameras are offering bright lighting and shading control as there is added comfort and convenience available to the estate holders. An improvement in security is possible for residential purposes with IoT home automation. The burglars will think twice for attempting to break to lock and enter the home. The collection of information about the smart cameras is essential for proper shading.

2. High network security and protection 

Smart camera offers high network security and protection for internal and external purposes. It is essential to know about day-to-day services to have a high level of security. There is the latest technology available to keep things safe and secure. SpikeBot has a closed system to protect personal and financial information. There is a meeting of the needs and requirements with choosing a SpikeBot camera.

3. Smart alarms and locks 

The safety and security of different places are high with smart alarms and locks. There is an integrated alarm system to have complete protection. The level of convenience is high with a smart mobile phone. There are proper notifications available about unauthorized access. Some exterior lights are available to offer complete safety and protection to the place. There is the availability of peace of mind for the people. It is a great advantage available In comparison to traditional CCTV cameras, smart cameras are offering services in remote areas.

SpikeBot Smart Camera Integration Services

Smart surveillance camera with SpikeBot Camera Integration Services

If you want to have a look at the exterior and interior of a home, then the smart SpikeBot camera is the right choice. There is complete control available with the camera. A check over the outdoor plants is possible with the SpikeBot smart camera integration services. There is immediate access available at any time and location. The services are available for the next level. The gathering of the details about them is essential for the people. Along with it, there is the detection of every moment with the smart camera. The watching of the dog and desk is possible for estate holders.

From the above information, you can say that there are plenty of benefits available of smart cameras over traditional CCTV cameras. The recording of the footage is possible with high-quality to have the best services. Smart mobile phones are offering the best protection and security to the estate places.