IoT and Home Automation; Know what all future has stored in for you?

IoT and Home Automation; Know what all future has stored in for you?

IoT and Home Automation; Know what all future has stored in for you?

The world has advanced, so as security measures. Not many people know that one can be unsure of their safety even when they are sitting back at home. Theft, uncertainty, physical assault can be a few things which can turn the page on the other end. Home Automation has been a popular option for all those who want to control all that happens back at home even when they are sitting miles apart. The idea of a smart door, lights and television can add to the look along with making things safe and secure. Here is a list of objects which are smart enough to handle and take care of your loved ones in your absence;

Sponsored automated Lighting

Nowadays, intelligent lights are in trend. These lights are called smart lights because they can turn on or off all by themselves and change their intensity accordingly. All this helps in controlling the activity effectively. Smart home devices are one of the few devices which can turn things in the right manner for people who need 24*7 assistance for all their needs. Be it an old parent or a young kid who needs help to ensure a perfect home environment.

Smart home and IoT devices are one of its kind and serve ideal for people with varied needs. Come 2030; you can surely expect off a lighting system that responds to your activity as we have ACs with smart sensor technology, which can operate as they sense activity in the room. Think how appropriate it may feel to have a room with a flickering light, giving an ideal atmosphere as you watch Bhoot – Horror Story alone. Sounds Interesting? This is what you can expect out of a Smarthome IoT device.

Smart Doors

Sensor doors are smart and were seen only at commercial places till now since the cost was quite high. But, nowadays the requirement has become vast, and we need technology to fill in the vacant spaces big time. So these innovative smart home doors will be able to schedule their opening or closing on themselves as they enter or close. This could become possible as soon as we install a smart device on the door and then we can do the following tasks without being physically present;

  • Lock/Unlock of doors
  • Opening the door
  • Closure of the door

Smart windows

Windows can get more intelligent too. Envision them naturally open the screens when the sun rises and close at dusk. You may even have the option to program them to close typically when it downpours. Think about the past case of a home film. Your window ornaments can bring down at whatever point you are viewing a film. Change in like manner, for example, when you are showering or working out.


Think of a garden, where watering is done on their own. The gardens have become smarter, as they are equipped with IoT and home automation devices. These devices are placed in the yard, and thanks to the IoT sensors placed there, they can help you detect the right time for watering your plants and the dryness level of the soil. You can also install or put a robot on work to cut the new grass and put the same on work.

Help in the Home routines

Voice Assistants are the most used devices nowadays. Devices like Google bot and Alexa run on your voice command and conclude various action courses proving to be an ideal home automation product. They can help you play your favourite music to switch off the automated fan. An assistant who can take care of your pending tasks at ease without troubling you for salaries or much.

Be Prepared for a future which is packed with surprises and pamper you like a king or queen without getting paid for the same. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and be prepared for the extraordinary things future upholds for us.

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