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Have you always dreamed about having your own business? Are you waiting to sell the next technology which the customers crave to buy? Then, it is the right time to start your very own smart home automation dealership.

According to Statista, smart home market in India has a potential to grow to ~$5.2 billion by the end of 2022. Though all the smart home automation products are on a growth trend, smart appliances among them have the highest expected growth until 2026 and beyond as shown in the below illustration.

Source: Statista
Now that we have your attention, let us answer the obvious question which is popping in your mind; whom should I approach to have my very own smart home automation dealership? The answer is that you should approach SpikeBot – the best home automation company in India, based out of Ahmedabad. In the next lines, we will tell you why you should have your home automation dealership in India with them.

  • The company and its products have deep roots in India. It has India first, World later approach
  • You can be proud to be associated with true, 100% “Made in India” company
  • The products have the best quality products built for international and industry standards.

Knowing all these, what are your waiting for? Become a home automation dealer today by talking to one of our experts. Start your home automation dealership in India and grow yourself to the next level!