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Technology never fails to surprise us! Every time something new comes, we reckon that this is it and it can’t get any better, but the very next moment it gets better and startles us once again. There was a time when it was thought that mobiles couldn’t be used for anything more than calling and messaging. That was the only functionality of mobiles known at that time but then gradually mobiles became the medium for everything right from communication and entertainment to learning. Today, the field of information and technology has gotten so advanced that you can control all the appliances at your home using your mobile phone even if you’re not at home! Seems like magic, right? In this blog, we will discuss what a smart home automation system is and how you can convert your home into a smart home using your mobile phone.

What is an IR Blaster? How does an IR blaster enable you to automate your home?

If you are planning to automate your home with Spikebot, you need to have a Spikebot IR blaster in place. Is that a new word for you? Worry not! We are here to explain it all to you. IR blaster is nothing but a plug-and-play device that uses infrared technology to enable you to centrally control all your appliances at home using the home automation application. You just have to plug the IR blaster into your switchboard and that’s it! Half of the work for smart home automation is done. With Spikebot smart home automation, there is no headache with the installation of heavy devices or the hassle of wires and tangles. Spikebot has made smart home automation a child’s play! Today you think of getting your home automated and the very next day you have it all done!  

How does a smart home automation application help me control all my appliances at home?

With Spikebot smart home application, you can control all the appliances of your house with just a tap on your mobile phone. The best part about the Spikebot home automation application is that you do not need to install different applications to automate different appliances. For example, if you plan to automate your air conditioner, geyser, and fan, you do not have to install separate applications for each of these appliances, you can do it with just a single application. 

What can a smart home system do for you?

A smart home automation system enables you to control and coordinate all your appliances at home using the smart home application. It keeps you updated with all that is happening in your home in your presence or absence. So even if you’re not at home, you can have every bit of information about who came into your house at what time in real-time. A smart home automation system is extremely helpful when you are a working parent and have house help to take care of your kids and family members in your absence. In such cases, the security of your home becomes very crucial. However, with a smart home automation system in place, managing and controlling all your appliances becomes very convenient using the home automation application. 

Now, that you have all your concepts clear regarding smart home automation, get your home automated now! Get in touch with our automation expert.