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Have you been smitten by the innovative, smart home automation products that are launched every year only to be disappointed by their non-availability or non-compatibility to a typical Indian home? You don’t have to anymore because now you have access them. Thanks to the India’s leading smart home automation company in Ahmedabad – Spikebot.

How to integrate smart home automation products into your home?

  • First you should decide to what degree would you like to have the home automation viz., basic, intermediate or complete.
  • The smart home automation products are usually retrofit compatible. Meaning, they can be easily integrated into your home with lesser modifications.
  • These smart home automation solutions are plug and play DIY approved. Hence, they do not require a technician for installation.  
  • Once you are confident on to what degree you would like to have the automation, reach out to one of the Spikebot’s experts on phone (+91-79-66775888) or WhatsApp (91-7096935568) or email ([email protected]), who can help you with your buying decision.

Why choose Spikebot – India’s Leading Smart Home Automation Company?

  • You will have a proud “Made in India” badge of honor as all smart home automation products and smart home automation solutions are designed, developed and manufactured in India.
  • You will have the best quality products built for international and industry standards.
  • You have a wide variety of products and solutions using which you can customize and create the most advanced home automation systems making your home truly unique and modern.
  • You will deal with the most customer centric professional who are determined to make your dream of having a smart, modern home come true.

You now possess all the information you need to transform your old home into a futuristic smart home. So, go ahead and make that call and that purchase decision.