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There a multitude of benefits to have a smart home viz., have the control and visibility of various functions on your smart device, have the ability to act on them remotely, etc. But the most important of them all is your ability to create a smart and safe environment for your child using various smart home automation products.

Smart home automation products can be applied to safeguard your child and your loved ones as follows:

  • Smoke and gas detector – This device gives you an alert if it detects smoke or harmful gas leakages for you to act quick
  • Air quality monitor – This device detects the quality of air and turn on/off the air filters automatically depending on the present air quality
  • Smart locks – You can ensure the protection of your child in your home which is guarded by smart locks which cannot be cracked open easily
  • Proximity sensors – This device will alert you on the movement of your child and loved ones within the home
  • Security Cam/Webcam – This device will give you the visibility to check on your child and loved ones remotely to ensure their safety

Why should you consider buying smart home automation products from Spikebot?   

  • It is proud Indian company established to serve Indians first and the world later.  
  • Its products are designed, developed and manufactured in India.   
  • Its products have the best quality and are up to the industry standards.
  • Its pre, during and post-sale services are the best

So, the next time you are searching for smart home automation in Ahmedabad or any city in India for that matter, reach out to our experts at Spikebot on +91-79-66775888 or email to [email protected] for more information