How Smart Home System Offers Control, Convenience & Comfort?

How Smart Home System Offers Control, Convenience & Comfort?

How Smart Home System Offers Control, Convenience & Comfort?

The concept of a smart home is not as widely popular as it should be considering 2021. A home automation system using IoT turns your home into a smart home. This blog will help you understand how SpikeBot home automation gateway offers your family the 3Cs, namely- Control, Convenience  & Comfort.

The world is moving at a faster pace. We all are going advanced and modern with our lifestyle. When it comes to mobile phones and laptops, we always consider buying the latest one for getting more features and advantages. But are we advanced with our homes? Definitely not!

Why You Need a Smart Home?

An IoT home automation system like SpikeBot helps you enjoy the privileges of living in a smart home. A smart home is a controlled home. It is a home that is managed at your fingertips. The same concept gives homeowners and their families comfort and lifestyle to operate the different electric appliances via their smartphone app or remote control.

Here is an infographic from Statista that helps you know how smart home technology is undoubtedly a big thing tomorrow.

Living in a smart home: A complete anatomy

Smart homes are the symbol of luxury. It provides with comfort and convenience of another level. Imagine you live inside a house where everything is controlled from your smartphone, including the fan, AC, lights, water pump, heater, geyser, curtains, and door locks. SpikeBot home automation system using IoT helps with the 3Cs, comfort, convenience, and control.


The ultimate comfort of living in a smart home is enjoying your luxury. You need not get disturbed during your work from home hours to set up an AC or geyser. Imagine you are working, and you need to turn on your geyser for a bath. You can do it from your smartphone as the SpikeBot home automation gateway helps connect all your home appliances to your smartphone.

Likewise, you can imagine drawing on and off the curtains of your house as per the sunlight exposure. But yes, from the comfort of your softa or bed. You need not get up from your bed for the same. Just open your Spikebot home automation app and select the curtain action that you would like to set.


The second most important benefit of having a home automation system using IoT is convenience. Every one of us is looking forward to having our best comfort either at work or home. SpikeBot home automation gateway sets up your smart home in a way that you can live at the best of your convenience.

Imagine you are leaving the office on a sunny day. You cannot imagine the type of humidity or temperature that your penthouse has at the moment. You can turn on your SpikeBot smart home automation app and check the home humidity and temperature level, and you can accordingly turn on the AC before you are home. How conveniently can you cool your bedroom or living room before you reach home!


Last but not least is the control that you can have with the help of a home automation system using IoT. You can control a lot of actions in your home from anywhere in the world. From the security point of view, you can turn on/off the lights of your home or backyard in the evening hours, even when you are on holiday. Nevertheless, you can keep a check on your main door entries and exit by installing a smart door lock system with a camera. Smart door lock sensors help you get timely logs on your smart home SpikeBot mobile app every time the door opens and shuts in the day.

Key Points

A smart home is not only a point of enhancing the comfort or convenience of your life. It is one of the modern ways to upgrade your house, hotel, or office security. You can upgrade your lifestyle with more control, comfort, and convenience by inquiring about the home automation system using IoT with SpikeBot experts. For more details, please log on to