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Do you want to provide an exceptional and memorable experience to your guests when they stay at your hotel? You can do it by simply installing the Spikebot 5F to transform the traditional rooms of your hotel into smart rooms, thus delighting the guests in a better way. We’ll show you how smart automation can benefit hotels with Spikebot 5F.

Benefits of using smart automation for hotels:

  • You can control up to 5 systems with Spikebot 5F such as lights, fans, etc of the hotel room remotely using the app on your smartphone
  • You can provide the same access and control to your guests as well, who don’t have to search and fiddle with switches anymore
  • You can add smart lighting systems which have mood lighting. They can change to whatever the guests want depending on their mood. This enhances the stay experience of your guest.
  • You will be able to manage and control all the lights, fans, etc present in the common area and within rooms more effectively and efficiently by adding specific automatic routines thus saving energy

Why should you choose Spikebot 5F?

  • It is very simple to install with no modifications for your existing electrical systems
  • It is very easy to maintain as it consumes less power
  • It is designed, developed, and made in India by Spikebot, the best smart home automation company
  • Before, during, post-sale services are the best

So, if you are searching for quick, easy ways to transform the traditional rooms of your hotel into smart rooms, modernizing them without losing the essence you have always provided to your guest, you search ends here. Get smart automation for hotels by contacting our experts at Spikebot, the best company which provides Smart home automation in Ahmedabad.