GeniCan Smart Garbage Can: Your Grocery List Scanner & Voice Recognition Device

GeniCan Smart Garbage Can: Your Grocery List Scanner & Voice Recognition Device

GeniCan Smart Garbage Can: Your Grocery List Scanner & Voice Recognition Device

I am sure many of you are going to startled reading about the smart garbage can. Of course, we have discussed smart home devices like smart light, smart AC, smart curtain, smart door sensors, smart gas smoker, smart thermostat, smart camera, smart garden lights and much more. One of the trending, novel and best smart home gadgets includes GeniCan- a smart garbage can that helps you manage your grocery shopping list. It is the next-generation IoT devices for home automation that makes things easy and surprising.

What is GeniCan Smart Garbage Can?

GeniCan is a smart garbage can with a barcode scanner and voice recognition device. It is directly attached to your home or office’s garbage bin. This exclusive IoT home automation device scans the items that are thrown inside the bin. Because you shall need the earliest replacement of the things that are thrown in the bin, the smart garbage can order the same on your behalf by updating your grocery list on Amazon. Yes, you assumed it right- GeniCan has a partnership with Amazon dash replenishment service.

GeniCan Smart Garbage Can

How does GeniCan Work?

GeniCan is one of the fantastic IoT smart devices that is designed for your smart home and office. It works with the help of Wi-Fi connectivity. It has got intelligent sensors with voice recognition feature.  The device is an internet-based device that is linked with Amazon Dash Replenishment Service. Also, the GeniCan app updates the grocery shopping list that can be shared across the family members on different platforms. Hence, the entire family can view and discuss the groceries. Well, if you are wondering about the manual updating of the list, then this device app lets you manually edit the shopping list for making it more accurate and updated.

GeniCan scans and updates items to the grocery list that are intentionally scanned or added via voice recognition service. Hence, you need to not worry about the random things getting scanned and added on the grocery shopping list.

Smart Voice Recognition Device

What can GeniCan Order on Your Behalf?

Different items are scanned by the Smart GeniCan, such as the grocery items, snacks items, diapers, kitchen towels, fruits, and vegetables, etc. Anything that is thrown inside the garbage is easily updated for replacement in the form of a newly updated grocery list on the Amazon Dash Button Service.

Is it worth to add GeniCan to your best smart home gadgets?

When we talk about IoT based home automation system, we talk about different smart home devices that are a symbol of luxury, convenience, and brilliance. The extra-ordinary smart garbage can IoT device is designed to save the time of the family members or especially the homemaker while preparing the grocery list. Not only that, but it also keeps one updated on the kitchen groceries and other snacks item stock for helping yourself to have a quick replacement on it.

GeniCan Benefits

Many customers have trusted GeniCan for their smart home automation system and so, can you! It is a brilliant, IoT based home automation device that can be used for your home or office.

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