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If you want to track or sound an alarm during the entry and exit at a door in your home or office, it is obvious that you should use smart door sensors. But in this post, we will give you FOUR clever and unconventional ways to use them, to ensure you can get more bang for your buck.

  1. You can use them like a doorbell – Smart door sensors can be used to trigger a chime or even an alarm depending on the situation.
  2. You can use them like a spy – Sensors can detect door movement. If someone breaches your space, these sensors can quietly send you a personalized alert so that you are aware of the breach.
  3. You can use them to protect things – IOT door sensors can detect the movement of objects on which they are stuck. So, if you a expect an outdoor object not to move and you stuck a sensor on it, the object,s unexpected movement can trigger an alert or alarm to make you aware of the movement.
  4. You can use them like a baby or pet movement monitor – Smart home door sensors can detect movement of your little one through a door and alert you or sound an alarm on their movement, so that you can immediately reach out to them.

Smart door sensors from Spikebot offer you the following:

  1. They are IOT enabled i.e., linked to the app on your smart device through the internet
  2. They are customizable
  3. They can be used in many ways to ensure better returns on your investment    To know more about Spikebot smart door sensors and how you can install them at your home, call our Spikebot automation expert now!