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Now that you have decided to transform your traditional home or office into a smart home or office or build a new smart home or office, we at Spikebot, the Best Smart Home Automation Company, want to give you three dos and don’ts of designing a smart home/office automation.

Three important Dos:

  • Devices compatibility – You have to ensure that the smart devices you want are compatible with each other, with the home or office network and to your preferred voice assistant (Google Now, Siri, Bixby, etc.)
  • Power and cable management – You need to ensure that the smart devices you want aren’t power hungry. You should also account for cable management and hide the cables smartly so that they don’t change the interior plan and setting
  • Futureproofing – You should ensure that the smart devices you buy can have very long lifespan w.r.t the technology on which they function

Three important Don’ts:

  • Lose or throw the device manuals – It is important to have the manual for restarting, resetting the device to factory settings or quick self-troubleshooting
  • Ignore or forget the Wifi capacity (bandwidth & range) – Most of the devices talk to each other, to the voice assistant and to you through the home or office WiFi. So, it is important to ensure that you are using the best router which has good bandwidth and range so that it can cover all the nook and corners of the space without compromising on the signal strenght.
  • Make it complicated – Since many smart devices will be connected, you should always keep the systems as simple as possible. For instance, the names given to them

So, if you are seaching for smart office automation in Ahmedbad or smart home automation in India, you should reach us, at SpikeBot, the best smart home automation company.